African Necklaces To Be Worn At Diwali With Ethnic Ensembles


Let’s travel across the Arabian Sea and into the land of mystical culture. We are talking about sunny Africa where civilization was once born and where most of the nation is yet to be discovered. However, when we talk about Africa we have to mention the culture that is so vibrant and colorful, the people so warm and hospitable and the chic fashion statements that keep their tradition alive. One of the standout aspects of African fashion would be colorful jewelry, especially the African necklaces they wear. Today we’re going to talk more about the African necklaces that we believe can be worn with our ensembles on Diwali for a mix and match effect. Stop by and let us know.

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Popular African necklaces

The African neck pieces that you can see are made of different materials and today we are going to tell you more about them to make it easier to choose. Read a little more about the history of African necklaces and the range of tribal jewelry available in Africa that will better tell you what to choose and why!

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Precious pearls

Many African women wear statement necklaces made of jade and diamonds on very special occasions to maintain their status in society. However, the PYTs in Africa these days prefer beading over heavy gemstones for everyday use over semi-formal clothing. African jewelry is famous for beadwork, which over time is turned into chic necklaces. The queens of fashion – the MASAI group – are famous for pearl necklaces from Africa.

Africa pearl necklaces

Clay collars

You have artisans and artisans working on white and red clay to shape them into tiny and large beads that are then curated into beautiful neck pieces. We say they’re an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to wear heavy metal or stone jewelry and still want to look vibrant and beautiful during the festival season.


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Most African cultures would have metalwork as part of their traditional style. In the HIMA culture, for example, women are adorned with metal jewelry all over their bodies. Silver, gold, bronze or copper, as you call it, and the western part of Africa thrives on making metallic necklaces and other jewelry for their women.

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Plant material

Plant material is considered a very popular source of jewelry and is readily available and very cheap to buy. This is why PYTs and college goers look to African necklace designs that come from the same source to wear.

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Sandstone is the ideal source from which much African jewelry is made, as it is easy to carve and create. Mostly seen in Kenya, once polished into something beautiful and chic, sandstone necklaces and other forms of jewelry take on a different shade and texture.

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Wood joys

Africans love their wood and making jewelry from it is therefore considered sacred or common. They love to carve designs and varnish the wooden jewelry they make and curate various items. Neck pieces and bracelets are the most popular.

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In addition to other raw materials for the production of various types of African necklaces, the craftsmen there also concentrated on animal bones and leather, feathers from birds and animal hair. And for those who want all the bling; Diamonds, jasper, opals, topaz and tanzanite, as well as quartz, are chic pieces that you will always want to wear.

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What you would see is what most PYTs wear

1. Chokers – this is one piece among the many types of African necklaces worn by girls from the Masai clan and it is passed down through generations when they reach puberty

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2. Maasai wedding necklaces – these are types of African necklaces that girls receive shortly before they get married. The first piece is passed on by the family, and the other pieces are given by near and dear ones; it depends on the girl how many she wants to carry.

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3. Pearl Necklaces – Most types of African necklaces are made from brightly colored pearls and come in a wide variety of colors. Beaded pendants, mostly worn by young adults and teenagers, are one way to add more color to your life, say the African girls!

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It was very interesting to tell you everything about African necklace types and their background. Let us know which of the African necklace types will work best with your ethnic ensembles this Diwali!




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