5 Work Areas In S’pore With Free Wi-Fi That Value From $3.60/Hr


Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, most of us have spent our days working from home.

While working from home was initially welcomed by many, the monotony has quickly become unbearable for some.

However, working in traditional workplaces has also become less feasible. For example, given the current situation, public libraries now have a time window of 30 minutes for visitors.

Cafes also have lower capacity due to social distancing measures, which could make it less feasible for someone to work there for a day.

This has resulted in a variety of new and creative workspaces across Singapore.

Here are five unconventional places to work remotely and escape the sadness of working from home:

1. SWITCH Work Booth

Photo credit: Change

Would you like to work on your personal booth in a mall? You can do just that with the Switch work booths.

Switch is owned and operated by REinvent, Asia’s first PropTech Innovation Studio. It offers a pure on-demand pay-per-minute service.

The Switch work booths are located in nine locations across the island, including Waterway Point in Punggol and Centrepoint in Orchard. Prices start at S $ 3.60 per hour.

In addition to the work booths, the platform has more than 2,000 workspaces in 25 different locations in suburbs and downtown Singapore.

Just download the Switch app, go to a Switch booth or its cooperation partners like JustCo and check in using the application.

Users will be charged a minimum of S $ 1 per minute.

Change work booth SingaporeA four-seater booth / Image Credit: Switch

The cabins are equipped with a table, chairs, WiFi, electrical outlets and other amenities. Users can also choose between the single-seat booth, which they work alone, or the four-seat booth, which they work with companions.

If you are looking for an affordable and novel workplace, the Switch cubicles are for you. However, privacy can be an issue depending on which part of the mall the booth is in.

2. Golden Village Gold Class Lounge

Golden Village Co-Working SpacePhoto credit: Golden Village

If you are bored with working from home, you can now work in a cinema lounge.

The entertainment options have turned rapidly and rapidly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Though cinemas have been operating for a few months, the reduced capacity may not be enough to keep Golden Village (GV) afloat.

To overcome this, the cinema exhibitor took the latest step in its innovation journey: ZEST @ Gold Class, a unique work-from-lounge concept.

This new concept allows customers to use a cheap space to work or study without the long-term commitment that traditional co-working spaces require or the time constraints that often apply in local cafes.

ZEST customers not only have a cheap workplace, but can also recharge with Golden Village’s typical Zen Zone program.

Program benefits include taking a short nap on the Gold Class loungers between 12:00 PM and 1:30 PM or between 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM if you top up S $ 5.

Guests also receive free popcorn, a free cup of tea or coffee, and vouchers for film discounts.

Through December 31, GV is offering a special introductory price of S $ 15 for six-hour access to the co-working space.

3. Jewel Changi Airport

Changi Airport work from homePhoto credit: Changi Airport

Even if vacation travel is not yet permitted, you still have a reason to go to Changi Airport.

The Changi Lounge is located at the acclaimed Jewel Changi Airport and offers an exclusive and comfortable remote working environment.

Guests can enjoy drinks and snacks, free WiFi, ample seating and electrical outlets.

Two hours of lounge use will set you back for S $ 15, or you can book a meeting room for S $ 80 an hour.

4. Hotels

Work from the hotel Photo credit: Grand Corpthorne Waterfront Hotel

Before the pandemic happened, we never expected to book a hotel room to spend the day there.

Many hotels in Singapore now offer various work-from-home packages. Options include working in the hotel lobby and common areas, or having a private room for you.

At the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, guests can choose between indoor and outdoor areas in which to work. Along the Singapore River, guests can enjoy a full day of serenity while surrounded by foliage.

Enjoy free drinks, high-speed internet and printing services for S $ 16 per day.

Privacy lovers also have options available to them. The One of a Kind Studio (only for single use) in the lyf Funan costs around S $ 70. Guests can use the room from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Other options include Hotel G’s Hustle and Grind package and one of Singapore’s most famous hotels, the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

5. Teo Heng KTV Studio

Work by Teo Heng Ktv StudioPhoto credit: Teo Heng KTV Studio

Founded in 1989, Teo Heng KTV Studio has been around for over 30 years.

The karaoke venue is very popular with Singaporeans and is known for its affordable prices and family-friendly service.

However, Teo Heng has been closed for seven months since the government published the recommendation in March for karaoke outlets and other entertainment venues to close as part of COVID-19 security measures.

Although the government recently announced a pilot program to reopen nightlife, Teo Heng will not propose.

Instead, consideration is being given to converting the existing sales outlets to work and study rooms with free WiFi.

While the plans are not yet set in stone, it is likely that you will soon be able to work in a former karaoke studio.

Turn up your workspace

Working from home is likely to take longer than ever, and finding alternative jobs could help increase productivity and efficiency.

Occasionally, changing the environment is also important to prevent burnout.

On the road to pandemic recovery, the question of the future of work will certainly be on everyone’s lips.

Many entertainment venues are taking this opportunity to transform themselves into shared workspaces to keep their businesses alive while meeting larger market needs.

Selected image source: Singapore Motherhood




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