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Famed designer Alidad, known for its layered and opulent interiors, relies on his love of patterns, colors, and deep knowledge of history and art to create spaces with intricate, bespoke details and timeless appeal. Yet this has not always been his career path. After a Halcyon childhood in Iran, his family moved to London, where he first studied statistics and computer science. He then followed his passion and enrolled in a course at Sotheby’s to become the auction house’s youngest director of Islamic Art. After eight years, he realized that his talents and his interest lay more in the field of interior design, and in 1985 he founded his first project of the same name with his own apartment. Please visit Susanna and me in London to visit Alidad in his magnificent Mayfair apartment!

While Alidad has designed countless interiors around the world, nowhere is his approach to design as evident as in his own London home. Here his love for fine craftsmanship, tactile surfaces overlaid with art and texture, and intricate details have been carefully considered and effortlessly considered.

While each room has its own sensitivity, each also represents a masterful amalgamation of worldly elements from ancient to contemporary.

Alidad London Salon-1

And while Alidad’s home is a personal testimony to his own heritage and inclinations, it also serves as an example of many aspects of design that he so generously shares.

At home with Alidad in London via Quintessence

And that’s why he started his Alidad At Home series, in which the designer opens his house to a small group of guests every month. During this intimate get-together, visitors learn his tips and insights on great design and gracious living.

At home with the Alidad program via Quintessence-1

So thank you Alidad. It is such a joy to share your gorgeous home!

Alidad in his London apartment on Quintessence-1All photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

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