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Miley Cyrus decided to use her 28th birthday as an opportunity to pay tribute to Britney Spears. So the pop star reappeared in an old home video where she sang Britney’s 2001 hit!

“Cheers for another year Britney Spears” – and Miley Cyrus! The pop star rang the doorbell on November 23, her 28th year, but for her birthday post on Instagram, Miley decided to “cheer” Britney instead. Miley made it clear that the 38-year-old pop star had a significant impact on her life; So much so that she has been singing Britney’s songs since she was a little kid!

Miley’s birthday slide show featured various clips of herself during her childhood, including a video in which Miley sang and danced to none other than Britney’s 2001 hit “Slave 4 U”. There was a lot more dancing in the rest of the slide show – tap dancing included! It’s clear that Miley was meant to be a performer (just like Britney), and in one of the throwback clips, the Disney Channel starlet even backflips while cheerleading.

Miley did the caption for her birthday mail about Britney and wrote: “Cheers to another year of Britney Spears and Fear! YASSSSS! Thank you for making my life so incredibly radical! I appreciate you! [emojis] – Yes, I deleted and uploaded in color because it’s my birthday and can do anything I want. Just like every other day of the year. ”

Stars out Kourtney Kardashian to Selma Blair left her birthday wishes for Miley in the mail shared the same day. Miley admitted that she briefly “fell off” and relapsed during the pandemic. Despite the intimate tone of the Post with Britney – and the fact that Miley had previously said “Free Britney!” Earlier at a concert, amid widespread concerns about Britney’s Conservatory, Miley admitted she doesn’t know Britney that well.

“I definitely don’t know her personally enough to know the details. I scream a lot on my show, ”Miley explained during an August 2020 interview with iHeartRadio, which you can watch below. She added, “I also think that Britney, like everyone else, should be free to live the life that is most authentic to her.”

Britney recently lost a request to remove her father. Jamie SpearsFrom the conservatory of her estate, reported on by our sister publication Variety on November 10th. Britney was attorney at a hearing that took place the same day Samuel D. Ingham III The judge reportedly said that the singer “Toxic” refused to perform again until her father was removed from his longstanding position. Like Miley, however, Britney could enjoy a birthday drama amid the legal drama. She will turn 39 on December 2nd, so Britney took her boyfriend on an early birthday trip to Maui Sam Asghari towards the end of November!




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