Ruth Bell Of The Bell Twins Seems to be Precisely Like Sinead O’Connor In New Photographs


Nothing compares to Sinead O’Connor, except maybe model Ruth Bell! Ruth (who is half the Bell sisters, May is her identical twin and co-model) shared several new photos on her official Instagram account in which she bore a remarkable resemblance to Irish Grammy winner Sinead O’Connor. Ruth has been known for keeping her hair in an elf or buzz cut, while her sister May wears her blond hair long and falling over her shoulders, but it was more than the same Hairstyles that caused the similarities.

Ruth was fully made up and wore a solo crossed earring that exuded the spirit of the 1990s. People took duplicate pictures when it looked like Ruth accidentally shared a photo of Sinead! Ruth and May are two of the most popular models, and while they are identical twins, their differences are obvious – their hair is primary.

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Source: Ruth Bell and Sinead O’Connor / Instagram

Here’s the photo Ruth Bell posted and people are talking on it.

Source: Ruth Bell / Instagram

Ruth sure knows how to change her appearance. Here is one of Ruth’s model pictures and you will see her in Dior’s holiday campaigns this year as she is one of Dior’s favorite models!

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Source: Ruth Bell / Instagram

Here is a photo of Bell twins May and Ruth. You can find them on social media as @maynotruth and @ruthnotmay.

Source: May Bell

Sinead O’Connor was one of the greatest singers in the early 1990s until her activism sparked outrage. Sinead was born and raised in Ireland. He urged the Catholic Church to cover up child sexual abuse long before it became an everyday issue. She was banned from Saturday Night Live (SNL) for life after tearing up a photo of the Pope during a performance of Bob Marley’s War.

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Source: Sinead O’Connor / Instagram

Here is a black and white photo of Ruth Bell, which is also compared to Sinead O’Connor.

Source: Ruth Bell / Instagram

You may see a video of Sinead O’Connor performing the song “No Man’s Woman”. The video received a lot of attention as it was one of the few times that Sinead O’Connor appeared with long hair in the 1990s and early 2000s.

What do you think? Does Ruth Bell look like Sinead O’Connor in the photo above?

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