How To Gown Secure This Diwali


Diwali, the festival of lights, is a festival of beautiful diyas, dazzling lights, candy and crackers! Additionally, while the fashion quotient is a major factor behind this Diwali, dressing safely and sensibly while crackers pop!

Perhaps you’ve already focused on the glamorous outfit of this Diwali – it could be a stylish anarkali, a saree with sequins, or a dazzling lehenga! But have you thought about what you’d wear if you broke out crackers and ignited colorful sky rockets?

Tips to wear this Diwali safely

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Fashionlady gives you useful and important tips for your family on how to safely dress while popping crackers this Diwali. Here we go!

Avoid plastics

We know you love these chiffon saris and the gorgeous georgette anarkalis. Please note, however, that these materials are not the safest choice when starting the fireworks. Fabrics such as chiffon, silk and georgetes are easily flammable and stick strongly to your skin when they burn. It is best to switch from festive clothing and heavy jewelry to light cotton fabrics.

Churidar materials

You can choose between a fitted cotton kurti and a long cotton kurta with colorful leggings or churidars.

Say no to loose clothing

loose fitting clothing

While long, flowing floor-length anarkalis or voluminous lehengas might be on trend this season, it’s best to avoid these when dealing with the fireworks.

The swaying, delicate fabric of your anarkali or lehenga is an easy target to catch fire and cause damage. It is best to wear clothing that is regular or tight fitting to prevent clothing from catching fire.

Switch from your voluminous ghaghra and the flared skirts to tailored, stylish denim or churidars. It’s easy to handle tight-fitting and comfortable clothing instead of fidgeting your designer lehenga while you light the flower pots and Diwali bombs.

Avoid glass or metal bracelets

Ladies love to adorn their hands on festive occasions with beautiful bracelets in dazzling colors and variations.

However, when lighting fireworks, it is important to remove them because if exposed to heat, glass bracelets will crack and metal bracelets will heat up, causing discomfort and pain. Keep your hands free of bangles and trinkets like that before walking nearby with fireworks.

Metal bracelets

Keeping Dupattas and Pallus in check

Perhaps Diwali is the best time to flaunt those long, intricately embroidered and colorful dupattas and the stylish saree pallus. But limit these clothes for your Diwali parties and poojas.

While you’re out and about to light crackers and watch the beautiful fireworks dazzle the Diwali night sky, opt for kurtis instead of salwar kameez and avoid the 9 yard clothing.


Clothes for children

Children tend to run around with excitement and pleasure while popping crackers. It is important that your children wear soft cotton clothing, rather than festive splendor, while popping crackers. Make sure your children are wearing comfortable cotton clothing and that their ears are protected with ear plugs or cotton.

Diwali clothes for children

We wish you a happy and safe Diwali! Dress well, be safe, and be sensible!

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