The Causes You might be Fats and Weak, and Methods to Get Stronger and Extra Athletic


Being fat and weak is not how our bodies are made. Excess body fat shows that your diet is poor and that hormonally things are getting out of hand. Of course, there are a small handful of diseases and medications that can make you more likely to become overweight, but in reality, it’s quite rare.

In most cases, being bold is a choice. You choose to eat the wrong foods, you choose to exercise little or no, and therefore suffer the shame of hormone imbalance. The desire to lose weight doesn’t help – only action can fix the problem.

Being weak is a crime against your manhood. You don’t necessarily have to win powerlifting competitions or have basketball-sized biceps, but every man should be strong enough to do at least 30 pushups, ten or more pull-ups, lift his body weight, and basically be able to push You have a car, lift some heavy suitcases, or do some physically demanding work if necessary.

Go back about 50 years and most men were perfectly capable of these feats. Now a large percentage of us sit on our butts and are as weak as kittens. And when we do sport, it is through things that are of little use in the long run and do not carry over to real life.

Like being overweight, being weak is a choice. You choose cardio versus strength training, you choose extensors versus squats, you choose triceps pushdowns versus dips, and you choose Zumba versus sprints and circuit training. In almost all cases, if you show me a weak man, I’ll show you a lazy man who prefers simple exercises to hard but productive training.

So what is the solution to this epidemic of fat and weakness? Man up, damn it!

Men shouldn’t be on a fat loss diet. Diets are short term fixes that don’t address the long term problems of bad eating. You diet and lose 5 pounds and then eat crap again and regain the weight you just lost plus a few extra pounds. Then you do everything over and over again. Bottom line? You end up dieting fatter!

Forget about diets; You are not working. Instead, start eating like a man. Base your meals on real foods that you can catch and kill, or grow, or make yourself. By eating more natural foods and throwing away food-like substances filled with sugar and trans fat, you are giving your body the nutrients it needs without the massive excess calories it doesn’t need. Good diet is an important factor in balancing your hormones.

Increase your testosterone levels, control your insulin levels, increase human growth hormone levels and the magic begins. You are no longer prepared for fat storage, but for fat burning.

Ultimately, you choose the foods you eat and how much you consume; no one is force-feeding you at gunpoint. If you want to lose weight, you simply have to choose to eat better and less. Hard? Yes. Complicated? No.

And how do you get strong? Go to the old school gym. Build your workout on the following nine exercises to maximize your training results while minimizing your training time.

It doesn’t matter whether you use dumbbells or barbells. As long as you are lifting weights and not using machines, you will be golden. As you strive to get stronger with each of these exercises, you will develop real strength and a physique that is better than 90 percent of the workout. Yes – these exercises are more difficult than hamstrings and triceps kickbacks, but that’s why they work.

And for heaven’s sake, quit doing “cardio” or aerobics or whatever the hell of steady state training is these days. Do a few sprints, do an interval workout, hit a heavy bag, try Tabata, swing a sledgehammer …

Here’s your man-up workout recipe …


Overhead press
3 x 3-minute rounds of heavy bag


Bent over rows
Sprints to 10 x 60 yards


Electricity cleans
Bench press
Barbell curls
Tabata swinging sledgehammer

Sets and repetitions? It doesn’t matter as long as you strive to get stronger week after week. Five sentences of five, four sentences of six, eight sentences of three, three sentences of eight – they all work. Just keep adding weight to the bar and you’ll get stronger.

If you have the time and inclination, get out on the days in between and walk for about 30 minutes – not on a treadmill, but out in the real world, in nature.

Put on a weight vest or heavy backpack and walk the way you mean it.

And if after sorting your diet and changing your workouts, you still don’t see the results you think are necessary, see your doctor and have your T values ​​tested.

You may run out of testosterone levels due to environmental factors and a previously unhealthy lifestyle.

If you are medically low, you may be prescribed a testosterone replacement. However, if you are just marginally low, consider using a high quality testosterone booster like this one.

Just like you chose to blink your eyes or eat a donut or sit on your bum and surf the internet to watch amusing YouTube videos, you choose to be fat and weak. It is in your power to get lean and strong, but only if you take action.

Break out of your current diet and practice rut and take control of your body.




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