7 Methods your Physique is Blocking Weight Loss


We are all trying to get fitter and healthier if we are not always trying to lose weight. However, losing weight isn’t always about fitting into old jeans and cutting your waistline, it’s also about reducing your risk of metabolic and lifestyle disorders and finding a better version of yourself. We diet, we exercise, but even then we don’t reach our target weight. It is interesting to note that the human body is wired to like to hoard and store fat when food is available, and does everything in its power to prevent weight loss (even by sluggish metabolism). Our bodies have learned to store fat during the evolutionary process and it is not easy to reverse this complex process. In fact, some studies have even suggested that the female brain is not wired for weight loss, and that is why women find it a little difficult to lose extra pounds compared to men. Given that we are working so much against ourselves in our weight loss journey, it would be interesting to find out what ways the body is blocking weight loss and making it difficult for you to get fit. Learn more about them from this post and remove them one by one.

1. By Slowing Down Your Metabolism: One option the body always chooses when there are not enough calories or energy to burn is to lower your metabolism and make it sluggish and lower your resting metabolic rate. A robust metabolism is the key to losing weight. When it becomes sluggish, the rate at which the body burns calories and fat drops significantly.

2. By creating a hormonal imbalance: When the hormones are out of balance, weight loss is lost. Thyroid, cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, leptin, ghrelin are some hormones whose imbalance can cause weight gain instead of weight loss.

3. By creating sleep deprivation: As we have repeated repeatedly, a good night’s sleep, including 7 hours, is essential to lose weight. The body needs to get enough rest to sit back, get its metabolism up, and lower the stress hormone. When sleep is impaired, weight loss cannot occur.

4. By lowering the satiety hormone “leptin”: It’s the fullness or satiety hormone that signals your brain to stop eating when there are enough calories / energy in the body. When there is leptin resistance, the brain does not receive any signals when to stop, and as a result, more and more calories build up.

5. By increasing the hunger hormone ghrelin: Ghrelin is the hunger hormone, and when it is high you crave food all the time. It is important to have the perfect balance between ghrelin and leptin in order to induce weight loss.

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6. By increasing food cravings: Food cravings are increased when hormones such as leptin and serotonin are out of whack. High levels of stress and emotional dependence on food can also trigger food cravings. In an anxious situation, one can also long for food. When we don’t eat enough calories, an imbalance in hormones can trigger such cravings.

7. By making you feel tired and tired: If you have skewed your calorie intake, the body can react by making you feel tired and tired all the time, giving you little energy for regular tasks.

For this reason, following a healthy diet like the Rati Beauty weight loss diet is extremely important in order to lose weight, avoid disrupting your metabolism, eat the right type of food, and maintain an appropriate calorie deficit – all important factors in order to to lose extra weight.

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