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Universal publishes DreamWorks Animation The Croods: A New Age stayed on target from what we saw yesterday with an opening Wednesday of $ 1.85 million in a very fragmented exhibition landscape with only 2,650 theaters currently open, with a national floor area of ​​5.5,000. Croods 2 is booked in 2,211 theaters. Five-day forecasts are unpredictable as we don’t know how business will play out during the pandemic. There is hope that Croods 2 could make $ 10 million by Sunday, but that’s great hope. In a normal market, movie theater attendance subsides on Thanksgiving, and Good Friday is one of the busiest BO days of the year. Lord knows what the trends are now.

The total number of theaters in the US and Canada of 2.65,000 this weekend is lower than the number of theaters open on Freaky’s first weekend on November 13th and 15th. At that time, well over 50% of the country’s movie theaters had light – that is, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico – all closed as other exhibitors grappled with capacity and curfew restrictions to have. Croods 2’s opening day is light years away from what its 2013 first installment on a normal market, with an opening day on March 22 of this year of $ 11.6 million, a three-day day of $ 43.6 million, and a final Domestic of $ 187.1 million and $ 587.2 million in World War II did.

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The Croods: A New Age achieved an A CinemaScore on opening day that is equal to the first film. Critics are 71% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, not far from the 72% of the first film.

Dreamworks animation

The good news for the exhibitors who brave it is that Universal has opened this film and through their NBC Universal and Comcast tentacles, also known as the Symphony program, along with strong advertising partners like Vizio, Chime and Burger King for the Pandemic advertises. We can see the results of Uni’s ad spend here (an estimated $ 27 million in TV commercials per iSpot) at the box office as Croods 2 opening day is arguably the second best opening day after Disney reopened theaters during the pandemic / The $ 3.1 million New Mutants’ first day at 20th Century Studios in August (We don’t know what Tenet did on its opening day as Warner Bros never reported, and remember that the Film was limited to Canada at the time). Croods 2 blew away its holdover competition (most of it from university) yesterday, i.e. 2.) Freaky with around USD 160,000, Cume 6.1 million, 3.) War With Grandpa with USD 120,000, 16.5 million . USD Cume, 4.) Let Him Go with USD 90,000, totaling USD 8.1 million, 5.) Play with USD 80,000, totaling USD 8.3 million.

Uni is optimistic about the launch of Croods 2 overseas in seven offshore markets and will announce that number by Sunday, particularly in China. First 2013 film (released by 20th Century Fox) with sales of $ 63.3 million in PRC. Croods 2 will also open in Singapore and the Middle East this weekend. The studio is also excited to see how the sequel plays out in roughly 30 days when it releases on PVOD. Focus Features ‘Come Play and Let Him Go’ can be rented at home for as little as $ 19.99.

'Frozen 2'

Walt Disney Studios

Thanksgiving box office, on the other hand, is going to be the worst ever since nothing is normal out there. Last year, the 5-day vacation was the second best per comscore at $ 263.65 million. In the previous year, 2018, a box office record was set at USD 315.4 million. Frozen 2 broke a Thanksgiving record on its second weekend at $ 125 million last year, the most any movie made about the five-day stretch of vacation. With studios like Warner Bros wanting both pieces of their cake with the 1984 release of Wonder Woman in theaters and HBO Max for Christmas, and Godzilla vs. Kong ready to follow a similar form of release in 2021, and more studios ready to put more pressure on images on PVOD or their streaming services, we cannot proclaim dead. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Local security protocols are strict not only for cinemas but also for restaurants. Saying that future admissions will be dead also means concerts, live sporting events, and cruises are dead too. We’re social creatures of habit, and once we truly know that a vaccine is certain to work to its full potential, studios should regain confidence in reinvesting in a theatrical release. The Spanish flu of 1918 did not wipe out the entire 20th century.

More on Croods 2. While other major studios cleared the theatrical release calendar after Tenet’s lackluster start at the BO, Uni Croods: A New Age remained committed to despite Disney getting Soul out of the Thanksgiving Theater on December 25th in exchange for a Disney + release, which blasted the trailer in September to 42 million views in the first 24 hours, now over 300 million. Uni has teamed up with TikTok to leverage influencer platforms for multiple pre-release challenges i.e. “Crood Perfect,” a riff from the popular trick-shot series Dude Perfect, Beauty Transformation, and Awkward Slow Dance Duet, that more than 25 million influencer post views and an impressive 24 million views in total.

The band HAIM deleted the song “Feel The Thunder” from the sequel on social media platforms. There was a special advertising partnership with Nintendo’s Animal Crossing that allowed players to visit the Croods and Bettermans family in Croods Cove. Celebrities and influencers well known in the field received promotions, and major Animal Crossing players were hosted on special tours with videos close to 100,000 views.

Universal has partnered with Feeding America to give fans the opportunity to see a special screening of The Croods: A New Age through a drive-in experience on the Universal Citywalk. This experience provided impressive set pieces and photo opportunities for fans without leaving the safety of their cars.

Through the Comcast / NBCUniversal Symphony program, Croods 2 was advertised on E !, Bravo, Universal Kids, Syfy with custom content on the conglom’s streamer Peacock. Seats were booked during the Stanley Cup Finals, PGA Tour, French Open, NASCAR along with NBCUni vacation programs like today’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the National Dog Show.




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