Jamie Dornan Reveals A few of The Weird Fan Mail He Received After The Success Of Fifty Shades Of Gray


According to Jamie Dornan, he has had some weird fan mail over the years. Jamie first became known for his appearances as Christian Gray on the series Fifty Shades of Gray. When the film franchise became successful, Dornan received a lot of fan mail, which he sometimes described as pretty “freaky”.

During a recent conversation with Vanity Fair, the 38-year-old brought up a letter he received from a person during quarantine this year. Jamie said he received a collage of pictures of a young child that the person said was his.

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Dornan went on to say that the person accused him of conceiving the child and that his wife should know it is his. According to the actor, he believes the insane fan thought the baby was his and Dakota Johnson’s, which is obviously a fictional relationship based on their characters in the movie franchise.

Jamie claimed it really “piqued our interest” but discovered how “freaky” it was. Dornan’s romantic life is actually much simpler. Jamie has been married to his wife, Amela Warner, for seven years and they have three children together, including Alberta, Elva and Dulcie.

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They have loved each other since they first met, Jamie explained, noting that he knew she was the one for him after he first spoke to her. Jamie says all he knew was that they would have a family. He claimed it was “a really strange thing” to deal with someone like that right away.

This wouldn’t be the first time Jamie has made headlines this year. The actress was closely associated with the Imagine cover of Gal Gadot and all of her friends when the coronavirus lockdown began in the early months of 2020.

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When Jamie spoke to Shane Todd with the hosts on the Tea With Me podcast, Jamie said he believed Gal Gadot’s intentions were pure. It was coming from the right place, but it just didn’t come out the way she wanted it to.


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