Blueface Blasted For Supposedly Letting His 3-12 months-Outdated Drive A Automobile


While Blueface hasn’t had a hit in a while, the rapper has managed to find himself in the headlines for other reasons, most notably his social media behavior. Hot New Hip Hop says it seems like the rapper doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, and his recent social media post is evidence of that.

The performer and his 3-year-old son Javaughn reportedly rode down the block recently Blueface film the whole trip. Fans got the rapper into full swing for letting his kid drive the car.

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As many of his fans pointed out, Blueface was clearly the one who drove the car, but people still weren’t happy with it because the child wasn’t buckled up. The little child sat on his father’s lap.

One Twitter user suggested that rappers always did their best to take their children away from them. Another person claimed he was hoping Blueface would be a better father than he was at rapping, but it turns out, “he’s rubbish on both of them.”

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As mentioned above, Blueface has a child with his baby mom who he has been dating intermittently since high school. The couple have made headlines a few times for their arguments, including when the rapper filmed an incident where she broke things around her house.

A lot of people on the internet weren’t happy with the way it looked, including the fact that their 3 year old could be seen going down. In the video, Blueface was heard saying, “Man, I have some good stuff” in response to his baby mom, as if it were his sexual prowess that was causing the problem.

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Similar to this recent situation, fans asked that child protection services come in and take their child so they don’t have to have any more problems at home.

Around the same time as this video, another came out in which Blueface was hit in the head by his child’s mother for singing the lyrics of a song over and over.


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