Paul Anka Is Broccoli On ‘The Masked Singer’ — Group C Finals Recap – .


‘The Masked Singer’ celebrated Thanksgiving by revealing the identity of Broccoli at the end of the Group C finale.

The Masked Singer’s special Thanksgiving episode happens to be the Group C finale. The jellyfish, mushrooms and broccoli compete for two places in the Super Six. SNL alum Jay Pharoah joins the panelists for the Group C finals.

Jay Pharoah is a guest discussant during the November 26 episode. (FOX)

The jellyfish comes first and reveals that she is a masked singer superfan. Her sister, whose job it is to crack numbers, offers some pointers in the new package. The hint package contains a nail file, a gold stapler and other Xs and Os. She inspires with her performance of Dua Lipa “Don’t start now.” Her last hint is that she “has never performed on a stage like this before”. The guesses are Charli XCX, Kylie Jenner, and McKayla Maroney.

jellyfishJellyfish dazzle with another great feat. (FOX)

The mushroom is next. His friend is a real-life government agent and reveals that mushroom has always been a “doer”. Mushroom was even class president at the time and spent his time “helping disadvantaged youth”. He dazzles with an output of Katy Perry “Unconditionally.” He also tells panelists that the “name I’m going now was not my name when I first sprouted.” Panelists suspect that the fungus might be Jaden Smith, Taye Diggs, or The weeknd.

broccoliBroccoli will be sent home at the end of the Group C finals. (FOX)

The broccoli is the final achievement of the Group C finals. He admits that he is “no stranger to women who take care of me”. The leading actresses in his life say he was “always the greatest showman” and his “showbiz stories are legendary. His clue package includes a Jason Voorhees mask that could be an important clue. Broccoli rocks to “Old Time Rock & Roll” by Bob Seger. He tells panelists as a final clue that the microwave was invented after he was born. The guesses include Al Roker, Ringo Starr, and Paul Anka.

The jellyfish is sent straight to the Super Six, which means mushroom and broccoli face each other in a smackdown. Despite a valiant effort, broccoli is eliminated. PAUL ANKA is revealed as broccoli! Robin Thickes Guess was correct!




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