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The rapper proved he’s a big softie at heart by taking a quick nap with his little boy and sharing the adorable picture with his Instagram followers.

If there was a contest for the best nap photo after Thanksgiving drake and his little boy Adoniswould surely win it this year. The 34-year-old rapper shared a cute snap on Instagram on November 27th showing his head resting on the 3-year-old’s shoulder. (See below.) While the star “Hotline Bling” closed his eyes, his toddler snuggled up against him as he chewed snacks in a bowl.

The blissful moment was an instant hit for Drake’s famous fans. Former professional basketball player, Justin Laboy wrote: “True kings raise new kings. God bless. “Mitrapper OB OBrien also loved the picture. “Fresh braid,” he wrote, referring to the blond boy’s cornrow. “Ketchup chips. Fathers [sic] the goat. Life is good * future voice *. “

The Black Friday photo isn’t the first time the Canadian rapper has proudly shared pictures of his son. Back on October 11th, Adonis cradled an afro and a smile as he posed with his father in a room full of balloons in honor of his third birthday. “Young stunna,” Drake labeled the photo.

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In June, the star celebrated Father’s Day by sharing a clipping of his little one, looking sleepy, sitting in bed and wearing his PJs. “Happy fathers [sic] Day for the whole real G’Z handling business, ”Drake wrote.

It’s not clear where the rapper “God’s Plan” celebrated Thanksgiving, but he did spend a lot of time with Adonis and the little boy’s mother. Sophie BrussauxThis year amid the coronavirus pandemic. On November 8, the French artist and model posted an adorable video clip on Instagram in which she practiced yoga while Adonis reflected her movements on a nearby mat. “Yoga Sundays with my Baby Yogi,” she captioned the clip.

As idyllic as their parenting lives together may be, on November 23, Drake took the time in a completely independent post to remind his followers that we shouldn’t judge real life in general by the prism of social media. “Life can look good in a picture, but we don’t live in pictures, we only know dat [sic]”He said to a grinning photo of himself.

That rule of thumb aside, Drake’s Black Friday nap looks pretty blissful – an adorable snapshot of father and son enjoying each other.




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