Summer time Walker And London Da Monitor Proceed To Commerce Jabs On Social Media


Hot New Hip Hop reported today that London on Da Track and Summer Walker’s relationship is one of the most confusing in the hip hop scene. Their relationship seems to be pretty intermittent in one day, posing selfies together and then getting each other into full swing.

Even so, the couple made headlines last week when Summer announced she was pregnant with London’s baby. Although the announcement was a lot of joy, Walker later came out to accuse London of cheating on her from the start.

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Summer and London reportedly crucified each other on social media, but things quickly got uglier when she raised the mother of the producer’s children.

Eboni Ivori and Erica Racine answered with a bang Summer Walker on IG not long after the singer-songwriter talked about London’s relationship with his children. According to Summer, his relationship with his family doesn’t even exist.

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Erica Racine accused Summer of being nice to her face one day and terrible the next. However, she says she just found out that there is a reason summer is “everything in her business.” Eboni Ivori meddled in the situation and addressed a specific issue with Walker, who claimed she was trying to force the producer to spend more time with his family.

Walker fans know that she loves creating controversy on social media. She hit the headlines earlier this year when she claimed her record label told her to stop talking about deep conspiracy theories in her music.

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Summer went on her bill earlier this summer to fight the coronavirus pandemic and said this was all part of a larger program to keep the population down. The star asked why the alleged world government cared so much, but didn’t take the time to limit the number of children people could please what was being done in China.

As well as talking about population conspiracy theories, Summer also explained her theories on 5G towers, which have become an incredibly popular topic among conspiracy enthusiasts.


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