Eight Make-up Artists On Their Favourite Blue Eyeshadow


When the people who worked at Pantone were playing color wheel prophets last December, they predicted that “Classic Blue” would be the 2020 shadow of the day. Her description of the shadow goes as follows: “Conveying calm, self-confidence and connectedness, this lasting blue hue underscores our desire for a reliable and stable foundation on which we can build when we cross the threshold into a new era.” It is probably just a coincidence that doctors and nurses lay claim to the shadow. (Classic scrubs are classic blue, you know.) But even the best pollsters couldn’t have guessed at the time that America would go for classic blue in November. Heck, it was even in the air last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning! What does Pantones Color Institute know that Steve Kornacki does not know?

If, like Team ITG, you woke up this morning with the feeling of the color blue, let it appear on your eyelids. Blue shade is surprisingly flattering if you pick the right shade – it can be disco, mermaid, almost purple, basically gray, or even conservative. Eight makeup artists have shared their favorite colors, so you can see how you already feel: confident, connected and ready to cross the threshold into a new era.

Start with an elementary school

“Depixym Cosmetic Emulsion in # 0446 is my winner. Primary colors are my favorite games and these are basically a primer, eye shadow, and liner all in one. I’m obsessed – it goes on super creamy and opaque but can be faded out if you want. If it gets stuck, it’ll be dead easy for hours. “- Mollie Gloss

Or a subtle wash

“One of my favorite blues is MAC Tilt eyeshadow. It contains a great blue-green pearl that makes it versatile for different skin tones. It can also be easily applied over an off-white eyeshadow primer for a more intense effect. “-Stevie Huynh

Try A Shimmery Teal

“I have so many blues, but when I have to choose, one of my favorites is Fun Tonight from Haus Labs’ Stupid Love range. I love that I can unwrap it or swipe the lid to get a little color. Or, skip a brush entirely and use your fingers. “- Delina Medhin

Or a dance floor ready turquoise

“Right now I like the ABBA Dancing Queen-inspired astonishment of Make Up For Ever’s Light Turquoise from the 1970s. Pair it with a coral or bright orange lip for an even more festive ’70s vibe. “- Ingeborg

Take an off-blue approach

“Most people think blue eyeshadow is out of date, but the right color can look really modern. My current favorite blue eyeshadows are C4, B2 and A5 from the Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1. 2. C4 is really rich and dark like the sea, B2 an unusual one, almost purple, and A5 is like the color of a pool in a fantastic vacation. My favorite way to wear blue is to apply it with a finger and randomly position something – it looks more playful and less 80s. “- Juan Jaar

Make blue neutral

“The Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadow from Burberry Beauty in stone blue. It’s that weird blue that has a touch of green and gray that makes it almost neutral. It has a silky texture with excellent color display. I love not fingerprinting anything else. – Shayna Goldberg

Try a double approach

“I love using Ben Lumes Lumiere Creme Color in Cosmic Blue as the base for powder eye shadow for maximum brightness. It’s alive, has a pretty sheen, and grabs whatever you put on it. I like to put it under a blue shade from The Masquerade Palette from Juvia’s Place. There are three shades ranging from real cobalt to sea foam – they are super pigmented and shimmery and also perfect on their own. “- Grace Ahn

Or rely on a failsafe one

“Blue eyeshadow is definitely one of my favorites, especially Tiger Lily from Natasha Denona’s Tropic Palette. It’s a creamy, bold blue with an amazing display of colors, and it’s easy to work with and blend. It goes really well with everyone! “- Lennie Billy

Do you have your own favorite blue shade? Drop it in the comments! And if you decide to wear yours today, tag ITG on Instagram (@intothegloss) to let us know.

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