How We’re Stocking Our (Model-New) Kitchen for the Holidays


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  1. Our Goop test kitchen is a dream – airy, open shelves! High ceilings! moving butcher block islands! Marble slabs! – That was over a year in the planning and production. We have focused the design on a sleek, high-tech line of Signature Kitchen Suite that has everything (including a sous vide setup) except for the sink. Since the Goop kitchen works in holiday mode all year round (events where several dishes are prepared at the same time), Food Director Catlin O’Malley relies on a number of must-have essentials to keep the deliciousness going no matter how busy it is. It’s full of favorite strategies and tools that will make cooking and entertaining easier on the vacation.

  2. Caitlin in the kitchen
  3. On a busy day in the test kitchen, I might have four or five recipes – all with different cooking times and methods – at the same time. The same applies to the preparation for an event. The Signature Kitchen Suite Dual-Fuel Pro Range is like a Swiss Army knife for the kitchen and does everything that makes things easy for me.

  4. Range
  5. It has two ultra-high burners for cooking over high heat (I’m thinking of that crispy Brussels sprouts salad) and two ultra-low burners for lightly-boiling sauces or scrambled eggs. And the burner spacing is quite generous, so I can comfortably fit a couple of larger pots and pans at the same time – they really are a joy to cook with.

  6. goop kitchen
  7. Pan on burner
  8. This neat, non-stick set works in all of these situations, so I’m covered. These are great pans for everyday use and they are easy to clean which makes them the ones I choose every time. The pot roast is my favorite for stews – chicken and dumplings, arroz con pollo, baked pasta. It’s the perfect size and pretty enough to go from the oven to the table.

  9. The set that does it all

    goop x GreenPan Blush Padova 10-piece set
    goop x GreenPan Blush Padova 10-piece set goop, $ 300


  10. The one pot meal hero

    Dust 3.5 QT Braiser
    Dust 3.5 QT Braiser goop, $ 320


  1. The combi-steam oven ensures quick cooking and incredibly crispy food: We are talking about fragile, crispy chicken skin and crackling roast potatoes thanks to a convection fan. I use the Nordic baking trays – they are the best – and it’s a brilliant combination. I like the variety of sizes this set offers. (Roasting a whole spaghetti squash? Go big. Baked sweet potato for one? Go small.) I also love using them to organize my staging, which comes in handy when you’re juggling a few dishes at a time this year.

  2. fried vegetables
  3. For crispy sheet metal dinners

    Nordic Ware baking tray set
    Nordic Ware Baking Tray Set goop, $ 38


  4. The steam function helps to retain moisture and achieve an optimal texture for more delicate items such as fish. I am a Dutch oven evangelist and this one is my favorite. Use it for baking bread, stews, stews and soups, or roast a whole chicken, pork loin or rib roast.

  5. For roasting, braising,
    Stew and baking

    Staub 7QT Round Cocotte
    Dust 7QT Round Cocotte Goop, $ 360


  6. The sous vide and induction burners are a great one-two punch for cooking proteins with precision while maintaining a nicely seared appearance. The key is precise temperature control – steaks, chicken breasts, salmon fillets, and even rack of lamb cook slowly and slowly at exactly the temperature you set them to be. No need to check or worry about it being over or under. At the end I turn on the induction burner to achieve the Maillard effect and a perfect photo finish.

  7. For the ultimate sear

    Dust 12 Grill Press Combo
    Dust 12 “Grill Press Combo Goop, $ 300


Caitlin’s must-have MVPs

  1. 1

    This book is written to match the seasons, and the fall-winter area is cozy and calm at its best.

    Andrews McMeel Canal House cooks every day

    Andrews McMeel Canal House cooks well every day, $ 27


  2. 2

    Everything is finished more festively with flaky sea salt.

    Jacobsen's Salt Co. Chef Jar Pure Flake Finishing Salt

    Jacobsen Salt Co. Chef Jar Pure Flake Finishing Salt goop, $ 33


  3. 3

    A great tool for working and dividing all kinds of dough (cookies, pasta, bread, cinnamon rolls), and I also like it for quickly removing crumbs and scraps from my butcher’s block island.

    Epicurean stainless steel bench scraper

    Epicurean stainless steel bank scraper goop, $ 30


  4. 4th

    A traditional blender works for a lot of things, but I get nervous when I puree a hot soup or sauce (I’ve literally been burned before). A small hand blender is a brilliant, safe, and effective tool that you can use to carefully mix right into the pot.

    Smeg Essential hand blender

    Smeg Hand Blender goop, $ 180


  5. 5

    Gratins of all kinds are much easier with a good mandolin. You can find many uses for this even after the holidays – it’s my favorite for shaved fennel in salad or thinly sliced ​​shallots for quick pickling.

    Benrin Super Mandolin Slicer

    Benriner Super Benriner Mandolin Slicer goop, $ 65


  6. 6th

    Almost every cocktail feels incredibly special and luxurious with this chic, solid, double, old-fashioned mug. The ice just clinks against the crystal and everything is fine with the world.

    Richard Brendon Diamond Double old fashioned

    Richard Brendon Diamond Double Old Fashioned Goop, $ 112





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