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The finale of ‘The Undoing’ saved the best twists at the end. Jonathan’s trial continued, and things took a turn when Grace commented. In the end, Elena’s killer was revealed.

The undoing finale picks up where the penultimate episode left off. Grace discovers the modeling hammer and Henry wakes up. He tells her that he found it in the outdoor fireplace of the beach house shortly after they got there. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her. “Because he killed her,” Henry tells Grace. “I didn’t want him caught.” He knew she would turn the gun and Jonathan would go to jail.

Grace brings the family and Haley together to find out what to do with the hammer. Jonathan reveals that he and Elena would go to the beach house during their affair. Jonathan believes Fernando planted the hammer and the gun could actually relieve him.

Noah Jupe plays Henry Fraser. (HBO)

Turns out Henry ran it through the dishwasher to protect his father. Twice. All DNA evidence is long gone. Haley tries to figure out the next step. She tells them when the modeling hammer comes out, it’s game over. She also notes that Henry could be arrested for obstruction of justice and advises not to turn the hammer.

Jonathan speaks privately to Grace and tries to blame Henry. Grace can’t believe Jonathan is going this way and asks him to go. Before he leaves, Jonathan goes to Henry’s room. Henry freaks out that his own father has accused him of murder. Jonathan talks to Henry and promises to go on her road trip after the trial.

When Grace speaks to Franklin, he wonders how she can’t see what’s happening to Jonathan right in front of her. She says she sees what’s going on and vows to fix what’s undone.

Hugh GrantHugh Grant as Jonathan Fraser on “The Undoing”. (HBO)

The next day, Jonathan takes a position. He claims he did not kill Elena and only found her dead after they had sex. Jonathan shares how he got close to Miguel when Miguel was battling cancer. He is interrogated and asked why he didn’t call the police. Jonathan says he panicked and went home. During his testimony, Grace sees a flash of memory: Jonathan is cleaning his bloody shirt.

Grace speaks to Henry later that night. She just wants what’s best for him at the end of the day. Henry is clearly struggling with whatever is going on. Grace calls Sylvia for a walk. She needs Sylvia to do something for her.

Haley calls Miguel to the booth the next day. They aHe asks about the night of Elena’s death and asks him whether he woke up that night or not. He doesn’t think he did it. She also asks about Fernando and Elena’s argument. Miguel admits they argued and told his teachers that his parents fought and it terrified him. Sylvia gets up and goes into the bathroom, where she meets the prosecutor.

Ismael Cruz CordovaIsmael Cruz Cordova plays Fernando. (HBO)

During a break, Fernando goes after Haley, Jonathan and Grace. He calls them all “mean”. Haley thinks she’s going to put Detective Mendoza on the stand. Grace interferes and tells Haley that she is ready to testify. She will tell her truth. “I don’t think you could have done that,” Grace tells him.

Grace takes a stand and tells the courtroom that he “couldn’t have killed” Elena. Haley asks how Grace knows. Grace keeps telling how Jonathan is a healer, he saves lives, and she has never seen Jonathan being violent. She says Jonathan is a “gentle man” and a “man of empathy”.

When she is interrogated, things change. The prosecutor brings up what Grace previously said about Jonathan who is not violent, and talks about the night at the beach house when Jonathan grabbed Grace by the neck. Grace initially defends him, but the prosecutor leans forward. She asks Grace to talk about what she told Detective Mendoza about the incident. Grace admits that she was “scared” and “scared” at the moment.

But then there’s the 911 call that the prosecutor plays so everyone can hear it. The prosecution forces her to hand it over and get her to talk about the little sister. Grace then reveals that she recently spoke to Jonathan’s mother. The prosecutor does not hold back. She asks Grace what Jonathan’s mother said about how Jonathan dealt with his sister’s death. Grace turns the courtroom upside down and says Jonathan’s mother told her that Jonathan suffered “neither guilt nor grief” over his sister’s death, that Jonathan did not know how to suffer or show remorse.

Nicole KidmanGrace turned to Jonathan as she spoke. (HBO)

(During her walk, Grace told Sylvia totally about the sister. When Sylvia came across the prosecutor in the bathroom, she must have given her a clue about the sister.)

Meanwhile, Haley freaks out. Jonathan is incredibly shocked. Jonathan gets up and says Grace is a liar. When she gets up from the booth, she stares at Jonathan. Sylvia runs after Grace and takes her out of the courthouse. Haley says she will be moving for a mistrial. Jonathan tries to hold Grace responsible and Haley claps back that this is all his fault for not getting rid of the hammer. “How stupid can you get?” she asks him.

Jonathan later writes to Henry that he misses him. Jonathan asks Henry to have breakfast with him the next morning. When Grace and Franklin arrive at the courthouse, Grace receives a text that Henry did not bring to school. Jonathan took Henry with him.

Hugh GrantJonathan was the one who killed Elena all along. (HBO)

On the night of the murder, Jonathan visited Elena. They had sex, just like Jonathan said. Afterwards Elena talked about how nice Grace had been to her lately. She told Jonathan that Henry could be great for Miguel, like a big brother. Then Jonathan snapped. He told Elena to stay away from his family. “You will never hurt me. You will never leave me, “said Elena. When Elena refused to believe Jonathan, he threw her head against the wall several times. “I just left you,” he said before tossing her keys. Elena picked up the hammer and tried to hit Jonathan with it. He grabbed it and hit her once. When Elena passed out, Jonathan closed her eyes and continued to beat her to death. Jonathan killed Elena and felt no remorse at all.

During his ride with Henry, Jonathan becomes more and more unpredictable. He doesn’t think this murder will be his legacy. He still believes there is a way out. “You murdered a person,” shouts Henry. The cops are approaching them. Henry asks his father to stop and let him out. Jonathan speeds towards a red light and hardly misses a tractor-trailer. He goes over a bridge and drives over the yellow line. The other car turns before a collision occurs. Jonathan then stops the car and climbs up the bridge. He is preparing for the jump.

Henry takes his father’s hand and tells Jonathan not to jump. Grace runs out of the helicopter and runs to Jonathan and Henry. She screams for both. Jonathan steps off the bridge while Grace grabs Henry. Jonathan is prepared for Grace to hug him, but she runs with Henry. Jonathan is arrested for killing Elena, and Grace takes Henry and runs away from the monster she married.




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