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Take a deep love of the outdoors, mix in a healthy dose of disco and fashion, and add a passionate dash of luxury and you have the Fawn Galli Design Cocktail. Unpredictable, funny and whimsical is how she likes it, as do her clients who appreciate her ability to perceive their deepest design desires even when they don’t know what they are. Visit us with the designer behind the scenes at her eclectic Brooklyn townhouse, where her fearless approach to design proves that everything works in the “surreal splendor of (their) colliding worlds”.

Fawn grew up in the northern California wilderness (first a houseboat and then a cabin in the woods) and developed “a deep sensitivity to space and the environment and the idea that a home can be a magical place.”

After a time in Paris and extensive travels, always on the lookout for exotic adventures and an unconventional party scene, she ended up in New York, where a job in an antique shop led to the decorative arts department at Christie’s, followed by positions at the renowned Robert companies AM Stern and Peter Marino.

Fawn Galli Brooklyn BrownstoneAll of these experiences have contributed to Fawn’s ability to create interiors that are part imagination and part practice – their own living version of form and function. Through a prism of layered fabrics and furniture and an intoxicating mix of high and low, Fawn has the uncanny ability to create a sparkling vision and make everything look effortless.

Fawn Galli lampshade momentthree photos above by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

Behind her out-of-the-box spaces, however, are fundamental design principles such as size, structure, balance, and color, which in her book Magical Rooms are broken down into five elements (nature, collision, surrealism, bohemian, and sparkle).

Magical Rooms by Fawn Galli

Whether a big room in Newport,

Fawn Galli Interiors Newport, RI project, Photo by Costas Picadas

or a fantastic apartment in downtown NYC,

Fawn Galli Interiors, photo by Costas PicadasPhoto by Costas Picadas

Fawns rooms encourage us to live expansively and to express our individuality in our own four walls. So thank you Fawn, we are so excited about your adorable creativity!




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