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Kendall Jenner’s hair extensions have returned and look more blonde than ever! The model showed off her winter hair makeover while wearing a heavy North Face jacket and fluffy bucket hat.

The light hair extensions are back! Kendall Jenner has returned to rock long, caramel-colored hair, which she revealed in a cute boomerang video on her November 30th Instagram story. Despite the comeback of her blonde extensions, Kendall hasn’t been to a tropical destination (like the last time she wore extensions Kim KardashianBirthday Vacation in French Polynesia). Instead, the 25-year-old model was in a cold spot, which her North Face puffer jacket, fuzzy black bucket hat, and giant ice cube emojis suggested.

Kendall debuted her lighter and longer hair extensions for the first time in early October, performed by the Beverly Hills-based hair extension specialist Priscilla Valles and hair color Tracey Cunningham. Kendall showed off the fall hair makeover in a car selfie while playing around with a fairy filter, as you can see below! And as we mentioned earlier, the supermodel has also opened the sunny floodgates to hang out with family and friends during Kim’s remote island trip later this month.

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At the end of October, Kendall swapped the ombre look for a blonde bombshell wig that was supposed to be channeled Pamela Anderson‘s character in Barb Wire for her 25th birthday party on Halloween. The party’s extensive guest list – including stars like Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Paris Hilton, The weeknd and many more – seemed insensitive to fans amid the COVID-19 pandemic Kris Jenne |r made it clear that every guest was tested before they could enter the party.

BEFORE: Kendall Jenner with her usual dark brunette and shorter hair at New York Fashion Week in February 2020. (Image credit: MEGA)

It seemed like Kendall had heralded her first month at the age of 25 when she returned to her roots with shorter hair. Although it’s unclear whether she actually removed her extensions, in selfies shared on Nov. 18, the model’s hair barely brushed her shoulders and appeared to be in the same style when they got together Kylie Jenner for a sister TikTok amid Thanksgiving celebrations later this month. It rarely happens that Kendall changes her naturally dark brunette hair, which she never gets too long! The runway queen’s biggest hair makeover to date was her brief flirtation with full blonde hair in September 2019.




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