The Olympic Gold Medalist Who Has Longwear Make-up


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“Hello, my name is Lindsey Vonn (@lindseyvonn). I used to be an Olympic skier, but now I find it difficult to describe in a few words what I do. I juggle a lot of different things. I’m the host of a new Amazon show called The Pack, a family friendly reality contest – it’s really special and heartwarming. I also work with Under Armor and The Rock on a workout line called Project Rock. I’m in the process of writing my second book. I’ve just started a production company with my best friend and I’m always finding out how I can help young people through my Lindsey Vonn Foundation.

I am currently also working on my own beauty line. My philosophy of beauty is fast, fast, fast, just like skiing. How can I get the most bang for my buck in the fewest steps? It’s hard work not wearing makeup and looking your best. I’ve experimented with so many different brands over the years and while I was approached about licensing deals, I never wanted to just smack my name on something. Now I’m creating a whole line in which everything can be used in a variety of ways. That was kind of my methodology – I wanted something simple, high-performing, and good for everyone. I live between Los Angeles, Utah and wherever my fiance plays hockey (currently New Jersey). I love sitting on the couch with him and our dogs and watching Law and Order or Yellowstone to relax and keep my feet on the ground.

In ski racing, you don’t have a lot of opportunities to express yourself – you must always wear ski gear, safety glasses and a helmet. One of the few things I could do to show off my femininity and personality was experimenting with makeup. I felt like my eyes were the best place to do this because even if I’m wearing a high-necked jacket, you can still see my eyes when I take off my glasses. I started with an eyeliner that I liked because it emphasized my eyes and somehow made my face look less round. At some point it became my thing – even if I didn’t lay a foundation, I would always have a cat’s eye. But first everyone made fun of me. The headlines read: “Why should a ski racer wear make-up?” A lot of skiers now wear makeup, so I’d say I got the last laugh.

I would wear eyeliner, mascara, and a foundation for training. But for races, I would always put on a full face to feel more confident. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, Covergirl Mascara, and Benefit Hoola Bronzer usually worked pretty well. The more successful I was in skiing, the more I made red carpets and worked with makeup artists. That really helped me expand my comfort zone and feel more comfortable in my own skin. I would ask, ‘What are you doing? Why are you doing this?’ And I would always watch what products they used because I trusted that they knew what looked best to me. I was just trying to learn as much as possible. I’ve been working with my makeup artist Karan Mitchell for six years now and Karan always says makeup is all about geometry. I’m not very good at eye shadow, but whenever I use it on myself I always try to think about making triangles. I love using browns and purples to highlight my green eyes – I usually use Bobbi Brown, but I also love this Violet Voss palette. A dramatic eye and lip feel a little over the top, so I usually just use a regular lip gloss or even just a balm. When I was racing, I used chapstick. This worked best because it wasn’t sticky and my lips didn’t feel cold. But now my favorite from Kaplan is MD – you will see, when I find a brand I really like, I kind of stick with it.

I usually don’t use detergent in the morning. I wash my face after exercise and before bed and think three times in a day is too much. After retiring from skiing, I definitely had a time when I wasn’t exercising. My knees hurt more, I was mentally unhappy, and it just made me realize that moving my body makes me feel better. I enjoy working with Gunnar Peterson in LA – he’s really motivating and an hour goes by so quickly when I’m with him. And now I’m trying to train with my sisters to make it more fun. The most important thing for me is that if I say I’ll be training on a certain day, then someday I have to make it. Most of the time I work out in the morning, but it really depends on my schedule. If I do it in the morning I’ll put my face on afterwards and if I work out at the end of the day I can just do my normal nightly routine. Mid-day is the worst, but sometimes it’s the only time I can put it in.

I’ve gotten a lot of sunburns when I’ve raced – just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you won’t get sunburned! Now I always try to double or add as much as possible. My favorite moisturizer is Kaplan’s Daily Moisture Concentrate, SPF 30. I’ve started using it for the last few years I’ve been racing, and it was the first moisturizer I really loved. Before, I only used Cetaphil and got my additional sun protection from a MAC foundation. The stuff is a tough job – I can’t say it was best for my skin, but I loved that it had an SPF of 15 and would stay on during a race. If I broke out, I’d just cover it up again.

I shower at night when I come back from a workout. Thanks to Monalisa Aguilar my hair is very blonde, and Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother and No. 3 Hair Perfector are necessities in my life. They keep my hair hydrated with the frequent workouts. Then I exfoliate my face with Kaplan’s Diamond Contour Daily Facial. It’s not particularly intense. So if I break out more I will use it after I also exercise. I used to do a lot of spot treatments, now I only use Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum. A good oil is a must – I think it gives my skin something special. The essence smells like apple cider vinegar and the oil smells like heaven. Finally, I use this Kaplan Diamond Contour Lifting Neck Serum that keeps rolling. I never really paid much attention to my neck, and this stuff got my neck going again. Dr. Kaplan offered to give me facials, but I’m stubborn and I love masking alone. The Wander Beauty masks are ideal after a flight. I also try to remember to drink a ton of water. I hate drinking water and I either make sure I don’t need it or I just forget about it, but it really helps. Whenever I drink more water, my skin looks a lot better.

I recently got veneers. When I was 11 years old, I broke both of my front teeth and had them fixed with glue. It held up well for a long time, but at some point they started chopping and I had to mend them … they looked really gnarled so my dentist recommended veneers. I was scared at first because once you work with veneers there is no going back, but they look great. I took a video of the whole process because I thought it was fun. My lips were numb and very large, and my teeth were shaved. I didn’t look very attractive and Dr. Dorfman was a little confused, but I’m just that person. I’ve had several operations, syringes stuck in me, metal tips stuck in my arm … Nothing really bothers me anymore. “

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