Our Favourite Merchandise: October 2020 Version


Welcome to Our Favorite Products, a monthly feature where ITG editors discuss our favorite products. They’re the best things we’ve tried, reviewed, photographed, and anthropomorphized for all month before we have a chance to get fed up with them and move on to something new. This month we jumped straight into autumn – the temperatures dropped, the pumpkins were spiced, and while no one was particularly in the mood for tricks, there were still plenty of goodies to be had. We take care of our bodies inside and out and find new ways to feel good without being too far from home. Perhaps that’s because every time we pass a mirror, we see a splash of color or smell a particularly nice scent as a reward for frequent hand washing. From morning to cozy, we consumed the following in October.

“I didn’t know how much I appreciated this sunscreen until I got my last drop. As my daily body sun protection, it sits on my desk right next to my living room window, where the sun beats implacably every day around noon. Yes, you smell a slight sunscreen smell the first time you squeeze and apply the tube, but it’s nice … like you smell a beach before you see the shore. It fades seconds after application anyway, along with a light, cooling finish. Since it’s within reach, reapplying it every two hours or when I have to get out of the house to do an errand is never a major ordeal. Pick up when you’ve worn down your sunscreen game but don’t want it to be a burden. “- Give Mbagwu

Ali toothpaste
“The products I use every day are pretty boring, but if you’re a beauty user like me, you appreciate having your staples upgraded. Consider this toothpaste from Ojook that uses baked bamboo salts and nano-hydroxyapatite instead of … whatever is normally found in toothpaste. NHA occurs naturally in tooth enamel and was first synthesized by NASA scientists. It has been shown to remineralize teeth compared to fluoride, and it is also antimicrobial and minimizes tooth sensitivity. Bamboo salt, which is used in traditional Korean medicine, has been clinically proven to reduce plaque and inflammation. When I started using this toothpaste it hurt. My gums were bleeding for a week and my teeth were stinging after I flushed. I only kept using it because my mouth felt so incredibly clean – squeaky clean, you know? Even when I woke up in the morning, my teeth were completely smooth from brushing the night before. Now that I’m almost done with the tube, the stinging has stopped and I’m obsessed. I’m also delighted with its slightly salty taste, which is likely an acquired taste. “- Ali Oshinsky

Ashley soap
“I was a bit obsessed with hand soaps for obvious reasons. Before, when I was away from home all day and washed my hands after every brief interaction with the outside world, I didn’t think too much about the stuff. Sometimes I would treat myself to a really nice bottle and it would last forever. Another time I got a cheap one from Target on the way home. But since hand washing is so ingrained in my everyday life, I try to improve the whole experience. And the hand soap from Other Stories is my point of contact. The bottles are beautiful, the scents are luxurious but not sweet, and they’re not a million dollars. The Perle de Coco is my current favorite: smooth, soothing coconut (Byredo’s nose is known to have worked on many of its fragrances) wrapped in a moisturizing formula that won’t dry out my hands. I bought a huge bottle that And Other Stories doesn’t seem to be coming from at the moment, but stocking up on some smaller bottles for a healthy rotation wouldn’t be a bad plan. A flight of hand soaps, if you will, to keep things interesting. – Ashley Weatherford

Ali seeds
“Everyone thinks their probiotic is the best, but this one it really is. I had been on seed probiotics for a year and I loved them! The thing is, I didn’t realize I loved her until I replaced it with another probiotic. My affair lasted a month, during which time I felt bloated and nauseous, and my skin exploded with inflammation. Actually, the difference in my skin was so noticeable that I completely revised my routine and thought that something must have broken out in it. Then I went back to Seed, my breakouts and discomfort went away and I started connecting the dots. As all ingestible supplements should be, Seed is backed by science (it has an advisory board of 13 doctors, both medical and academic, and extensive clinical trials). But the brand is also taking extensive steps to ensure that their process, like their product, is digestible. I especially like how each bottle has a list of the strains of bacteria you ingest, including specific mixes for the gut, heart and skin, and hair and nails. And if you want to know more, visit the website to find out more. You won’t find shabby charts or misinformation, just clear, concise knowledge. Doesn’t it feel good to trust science? “- AU

ashley vit c
“Welp, it happened to me. After years of reading and writing about stubborn dark spots, I’ve finally come across some of my own spots. I can’t tell how or when I got them, but in their wake I have me reached out to that mega-dose of vitamin C (25 percent) to blow it away. A pinprick super booster is all I’ve used to block out my pimple-sized hyperpigmentation circles – in fact, I’d say it’s the best one way, these little ones Targeted treatment of stains. Exfoliants and acids would work, but daily exfoliation seems a bit like using a chainsaw to sharpen a pencil. Or I could treat them with retinol, but getting up takes too long and walking (at least six weeks) But this spot treatment? With daily use, my marks showed signs of fading after day two, and they disappeared completely after a few weeks. No burning or irritation in sight, just a reset to smooth, clear skin. Just like the tube says! I love it when that happens. “- AW

Use lipstick
“I reached for this Sisley lipstick in 13 Beige El Dorado so that I felt instantly polished. Probably because it’s an actual statement lip rather than a bare lip – the latter always disappears into the rest of my face and doesn’t leave any marks on my zoom screen. I’m a sucker for a brick red lip color, but it’s been so long since I felt like putting one on. I find it to be an ideal reintroduction to lipstick wear on a regular basis. It’s incredibly comfortable and almost leaves a bland finish. It’s great for indoors. Of course, when I have to go outside, the dream stays on the inside of my mask – are there brick red lip tones that you love? Please share! “-EH

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