Stomach Fats or Thigh Fats – Which one is Tough to Lose?


If there was any way to reduce the number of spots, most women would be shrinking fat from these two areas – the abdomen and thighs! Different women have different body types and it is believed that belly fat is common in the “apple” body shape and thigh fat in the “pear” body shape. The distribution of fat is determined by genes to some extent, but we can safely prevent the build-up and storage of fat through a healthy diet such as Rati Beauty weight loss diets and regular exercise. While belly fat is associated with higher health risks (increased risk of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease), thigh fat is mainly subcutaneous fat and has only aesthetic reasons. However, some women with belly and thigh fat want to find out which of these two is easy to lose through diet and exercise. Not all fat is the same or rather evenly distributed, but in this post we would try to find out which one is hard to lose – belly fat or thigh fat?

Belly Fat Or Thigh Fat – Which One Is Hard To Lose?

Belly fat is also known as stubborn fat. There are two types of belly fat: subcutaneous fat (layer under the skin) and visceral fat (around the muscles and around the abdominal organs). Visceral fat is considered dangerous because it increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other life-threatening conditions. Visceral fat can also increase your risk of insulin resistance. This bulge refuses to move even with vigorous exercise and dieting, and that’s why we all call it “stubborn” because no matter what you do, the fat stays on your stomach.

Thigh fat is mainly subcutaneous fat (deposits just under the skin) and is not a major health risk.

Both belly and thigh fat are considered stubborn and occur for the same reason – excessive calories from diet and lack of physical activity. However, research and scientific studies have shown that belly fat, or belly fat, is much harder to break down, and that’s because belly fat cells contain more alpha-2 receptors. There are two types of receptors in fat cells – alpha 2 and beta 2. Alpha 2 receptors do not respond as well to lipolysis, whereas beta 2 receptor cells are more available to be mobilized and moved around for fat burning. Compared to belly fat, there are fewer alpha-2 receptor fat cells in thigh fat.

Also, blood circulation improves fat burning and it is easier to reach thigh fat with improved blood flow through exercise.

In conclusion, with a higher amount of alpha-2 receptors in the fat cells, belly fat is harder to lose because they are more resistant to lipolysis than thigh fat, and thigh fat can also be mobilized by improving blood circulation and exercise.

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