TSR Household Affairz: Orlando Brown Is All Smiles With Spouse & Child Boy (Video & Picture)


Orlando Brown has had a lot of tough times, but it looks like he’s on the rise. Earlier this year, we released a video of the former Disney star at church who looks healthy and tells his story of overcoming adversity. A few months later he is still on the right track.

In a video recently posted on Instagram, Orlando is smiling with wife Danielle and baby. After a few moments of laughing, he begins to read the Bible. He said, “I want to encourage you to read the Word with your family. As he continued reading Psalm 77, he seemed to be in a good mood.

Recent Instagram posts reveal that Orlando and his current wife were married in October. A photo of the two was posted and the caption read: “Husband and Wife! They said I will always be a little mother, but God said I am a woman. “

It’s unclear how long they actually have been together or how old his son is, but the baby only appears to be a few months old.

Chron also reported that Brown recently graduated from Rise Discipleship, a free six-month inpatient recovery program in Abilene, TX. In an interview he stated: “I can tell you that I am fine. I live, ”reports the Christian contribution. He continued, “I was in an unsafe position and it was shaky. But at the end of the day, all I can do is tell you that I’m fine and I’m getting my degree. “

This is a complete 180 from last January. If you recall, Orlando made shocking claims that he had a sexual relationship with Nick Cannon. The former Wild ‘N Out comedian simply asked people to pray for Orlando’s sanity when he responded to the claim.

In part, Nick wrote: “The first time I saw this, I thought it was hilarious !!!! But after putting a little cognitive effort and analytical thought into the situation, I found what a great opportunity for a “teachable moment”! Let me begin by saying that although I do not really know him personally, I pray for young brother Orlando. I have always loved and enjoyed his talent and was a fan of his previous work. He was brilliant on “Major Payne” and made us all laugh at “That’s So Raven”. However, this is another important example of when we are allowing our young artists to be prematurely exposed of this demonic business and not defend themselves. We need better support systems for our youth and take care of our own. I’ve watched various videos of these young brothers and I only see one cry for help. So I don’t know if there are real leaders or solid people in this young man’s life, but let’s hug and pull him tight so he doesn’t become another lost victim of these Hollywood circumstances. “

Good to see he’s fine. Please keep Orlando Brown in your prayers.




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