Are you able to Acquire Weight from Simply One Day of Overeating?


The festive season is far from over and just as you have recovered from the Diwali feast or indulged in the stressful weekend meal, you realize that there are only a few weeks to Christmas and New Years. So why not wait until after the New Year to get back on the diet and fitness scene just because you ruined and abandoned the diet on Diwali or that weekend? The scales also show that you gained 2 pounds overnight from a single day of overeating! This “all or nothing” attitude can sabotage your entire weight loss journey. Now stop kicking yourself for overeating and gaining fat overnight. If the scales are upswing, don’t curse yourself for not sticking to the diet. To be very clear, you can never gain weight overnight, it happens through a process and over a period of days, and you can’t definitely gain a pound or two in a single day.

Various studies have shown that it takes 3,500 extra calories to burn in a day to gain one pound of fat in the body. If your regular calorie intake is 1500 per day, you would need 1500 plus 3500 extra calories that day to accumulate fat in the body in a single day.

That means your normal food + an additional 3500 calories just that day! And that’s a lot of food that a normal person can’t consume without getting sick.

However, if your scale is showing high numbers, it may be mainly due to water retention, as high-calorie and processed foods are high in sodium, which holds fluid in the body, and (temporarily) increases the overall weight. In this post, check out some other reasons that could have led to weight gain overnight.

However, eating more calories than you can burn each day ultimately leads to weight gain.

So if you are concerned that you gained fat through a day yesterday or the day before, don’t worry and consider each meal as a fresh start that can help you undo any type of overeating. Just follow our diets and training programs in the Rati Beauty app.

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