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Times are extremely stressful and if you escaped you’re in luck as these top-quality pimple patches are available for less than $ 15!

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Stress can lead to breakouts and considering these past few months have been insanely stressful, you might find yourself suffering from acne. If you have a Zoom meeting and want to get rid of your pimples quickly, this is it Rael acne pimple healing patch is the perfect option for you. The patch is a tiny little dot that you put over a pimple to treat while you cover it up. Plus, get 25% off the $ 15.99 retail price so it’s yours for just $ 11.99, saving you $ 4.

Get the Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch for $ 11.99 here!

The pimple patch is made from high quality hydrocolloid, an ingredient used to treat pimples. All you have to do is peel the patch from the plastic wrap, place it on the pimple, and wait for the patch to extract the sebum and white head from the pimple. The best part about the patch is that it is completely transparent so you can wear it all day or during a Zoom meeting without anyone noticing that you have a patch on your pimple. Plus, you get two for one because not only can you hide your acne treatment, but you can also disguise the pimple itself.

Two different sized patches – small and large – are included in the package to treat different sizes of pimples. There are 36 patches in the 10mm size and 36 patches in the 12mm size so you have enough patches to last a while! Even better, the patches are vegan, animal-free and never tested on animals.

There’s a reason over 10,500 people rated these patches positively and because customers swear by them. As one customer raved, “I haven’t seen this in my life until recently, but there is one place on my chin that has kept getting acne. I had heard of this product before and was so excited to try it out. I was very skeptical but after trying I LOVE these !! When I removed the patch from my problem area I could immediately see that there was something on it! The swelling had decreased significantly and there was no longer any head to be seen on my zit. I was seriously shocked. That stain was still red because it was just a severe stain on me lately, but honestly this was a huge improvement for me because I could easily hide redness with makeup. And for after just one night! I kept putting spots on it and the area on my face healed in just a few days. These patches also worked wonderfully on my less severe pimples. You’ve gotten rid of the redness and the pimples just start to heal instead of pointy and popped. “




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