The Euphoria Actor Who At all times Has Three Basis


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“Hello! I’m Sydney (@sydney_sweeney). I grew up in Spokane, Washington, on the Washington-Idaho border. I’ve loved movies since I was very little, and I always thought pretending to be a lot of fun like I am different people. When I was about 11 this very little independent film came to town. I asked my parents to audition. My family is very traditional – my father was a pharmaceutical salesman and my mother was a lawyer and then a mother who stayed at home. They had two kids, a son and a daughter, who put us in every sport possible, and education was always number one. My parents thought becoming an actor was like being a princess It was this totally unrealistic dream. I presented my parents with this five year career plan for what could happen if I auditioned. They let me do that and I ended up booking the movie. In the In eighth grade, I began to act more seriously, and then my whole family moved to LA. It was very difficult for them because they left everything they knew, but at the same time it was such a fun, exciting world.

At a certain point everything came together at once. I had Sharp Objects and Handmaid’s Tale out literally at the same time – just a month after Everything Sucks. And then, about two or three months later, I booked Euphoria. Euphoria has definitely pushed my career over the edge. When I was younger I just wanted to make movies. But now I think TV shows are more impactful – it’s those beautiful, elongated versions of movies, and they’re reaching so many people because of all the streaming services. It’s also fun because you’re working on a series for more than six months, so you get really close to the cast and crew. I’m filming a show in Maui and it was pretty amazing. I also learned that there are so many opportunities in film that you are not in front of the camera. I am the person I did everything with myself when we were supposed to be doing a group project at school. I really enjoy delving into different parts of the industry and seeing what else I can participate in. I started my own production company called Fifty-Fifty Films and I’m looking forward to growing that. If I did another five year plan, I would add a home and a good personal life to the production company. I want to balance everything.

I have really sensitive combination skin – I get oily and then I get dry and then I get cystic acne. It’s just that awful mix. Makeup has a hard time sitting on it. I’ve seen several dermatologists and all of them have treated me with pills and issues … nothing worked. It was also all very strong. I’ve had breakouts on my arms and whatever I used actually left a chemical burn. In all honesty, I think it was just my hormones and my body was growing up. You cannot control these things. I just had to wait for my body to settle and eventually it settled down. I was afraid to stop taking the medication they were giving me, but I was on it for too long and had to do it. That’s how I found out that my face doesn’t break out like it used to. And by the time I stopped taking the medication, I figured out the right skin care and makeup products too. Timing was good I think.

I use two different face washes. I start with a caudalie cream peel because dry skin gives me terrible blackheads. And then I use the Avène Gel Cleanser. It’s blue, it’s great, I love it. Then I applied this French Embryolisse cream. I broke out terribly from various lotions, and when I was making voyeurs in Montreal around this time last year, my makeup artist was using Embryolisse on me. For the first time my skin didn’t break off so I ordered it and it’s all I use now.

My body is sensitive too – my chest and arms will break out. I used this really amazing body cleanser from Ouai that smells so good. And then I read somewhere that coconut oil is really good for sensitive skin, so I use that for lotion. Naturewell’s Virgin Coconut OIl Cream was one of the top purchases from Amazon, and it was a great price so I got it. I’ve been using this for a year now. I use the EltaMD sunscreen on my face but only use the available spray on my body. I am currently using the Neutrogena spray. It’s for acne-prone skin types so it works for me.

I didn’t wear makeup until I got to LA. When I look back at pictures from high school, my face looks orange and I have way too much powder on. I’ve learned so much about my skin and so many makeup techniques from working on different projects and I really enjoy it now. I’ve worked with the same makeup artist, Melissa Hernandez, for about three years. She is just my saint. When someone knows your skin and face and how you want to look, you will feel so much better. She knows I love my thick eyebrows and when my skin looks clean I like full lips and I like when my eyes don’t look too crazy. There have been so many times that makeup artists have tried putting false eyelashes on me and it’s not me. Melissa knows how I feel good, which is why we can explore different looks.

When I do my makeup, I always start with a primer. I didn’t know the importance of primers until recently. I get oily in my T zone and don’t like being shiny there so I use Tarte Poreless. It has a matte finish. Then I use two different shades of the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. Once I saw Melissa mix the foundation for me and I said, “Wait, can you mix them up?” This is really important because I’m not just a color. Depending on how brownish I am, I either mix G11 and G10 or I do G11 and G9 … I always have two or three different basic tones with me. And I either apply it with my fingers or a moistened beauty blender that is my savior. For concealer, I usually switch between stretch concealer in G9 or G10, but when I’m really pale I switch to Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Concealer in 1 which gives high coverage. I use it under my eyes, under the sides of my nose, and then when I have a zit or a spot – I use my pimples to turn them into spots – I put it there too. I dab Charlotte Tilbury’s pressed powder wherever I get shiny, and I also use the movie star Bronze and Glow, a little bronzer and highlighter duo. I’ve seen so many videos showing where to apply Glossier’s Cloud Paint, but I just kept putting it on the apple of my cheek and blending it up and then a little on the bridge of my nose to get the paint through my face bring to. I like Puff, it’s very pink.

I love mascara. Glossier Lash Slick looks super natural and I love the way it expands all of my lashes and makes them look full. When I want more of a statement I put it on first and then a layer of Maybelline mascara over it to make it look lumpier and thicker. I’ve never plucked my eyebrows before and I love to use Boy Brow in Blonde. For a more structured look, I applied the clear Anastasia gel on top. This makes my brows look thick and wet and I can really structure them however I want. Finally, I just use the classic Burt’s Bees Chapstick on my lips.

At night I use Bioderma Sensibio micellar water to make up. I used to use makeup wipes, but they were so hard on my skin. Then I wash my face again with the cleansing gel and then apply Vintner’s Daughter and Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. I tend to get very red and dry around my mouth and the wrinkles on the sides of my nose. I used to use Nivea, but that broke me, and now I’m using this Collagen Calming Relief Lotion from Algenist. It’s in a little tube and it just calms everything. I use the Sisley Eye Contour I don’t know if it actually works. And then I actually use a little Neosporin. I almost never get large pimples anymore, but two years ago it was horrible – when that happens I just put on a little Neosporin and it makes them go away.

I had quite a fight with my hair. I grew up with long beautiful brunette hair and started adding highlights when I was 18. And when I booked Euphoria, they wanted me to get full blonde. I see Flo, who is also doing Hailey Bieber’s hair. I think her blonde is legendary, so I always say, “Make me blonde like Hailey.” His blonde is like no other blonde and he’s so much fun – his personality is that incredible bundle of joy. He also cuts it once a year when I am forced to get a cut. When I was 16 my hair was almost up to my belly button and I just wanted to have the dead ends cut off and the stylist … I don’t know what happened, maybe she was too excited? She cut my hair almost to my shoulders and it never grew back. And even though I love being blonde, the bleach kills my hair – because it’s so fine it breaks very easily. I didn’t dye my hair completely under quarantine so it’s finally growing out.

I have to dye it again in a few months and am really working on making it stronger in the meantime. I’ve used a mix of different hair masks and put oils into my hair in the hopes of it growing. I use Olaplex shampoo and conditioner and hope that helps. I also use the Olaplex hair mask twice a week and a few others. I read a lot of beauty sites and just order whatever I read about in hopes that it will make my hair grow. I try to keep the masks on for as long as possible – if I want to work out, I just put them on and put my hair in a bun, or I mask when I’m just sitting around the house. I always try to keep it for at least an hour. I also use the Oribe Gold Lust hair oil and then always spray this In Common Magic Mist, especially before work. This is a heat protectant.

My natural hair is straight – I always feel like when you have straight hair you want it to be curly, and when you have curly hair you wish you had straight hair. I usually use one of those large wands that don’t have a clamp to curl my hair. I also started using this big crimper from Babe Waves – I hadn’t found one, and then I saw this one on Instagram for about $ 40. It gives me a soft beach wave – it doesn’t look like I’ve puckered it, and it doesn’t look like I’ve curled it up. I love it very much. If I don’t want to hot style my hair, all I do is braid it before bed. When I wake up it’s curly. “

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