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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the Singapore labor market hard, causing layoffs, wage cuts and hiring and salary freezes.

Many Singaporeans are looking for a job, and the government has launched numerous initiatives to promote employment and help the laid-off.

If you are looking for a job, the tech industry is a thriving sector that is growing and hiring new employees despite the pandemic.

This is not surprising when you consider that Singapore has been dubbed “Miniature Silicon Valley” and has grown into a thriving technology center in the heart of Southeast Asia.

As evidence of this, many global tech giants have come to our island nation to build their businesses here, and American company EPAM Systems (EPAM) is no exception.

Meet one of the fastest growing companies in the world

EPAM was founded in 1993 and has grown into one of the world’s leading software and product development software companies.

According to EPAM, a CAGR of 31 percent was achieved for 10 years between fiscal years 2009 and 2019.

Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO and President of EPAM / Image Credit: Intellinews

EPAM describes itself as “consultants, designers, architects and engineers” who help their customers to be competitive and disruptive in the market through innovative technology solutions.

In 2020, the company received several industry awards, including the Daimler Supplier Award for Innovation, the Microsoft Health Innovation Award, and the Asia Recruitment Award.

EPAM is one of only four tech companies to be on Forbes’ list of 25 Fastest Growing Public Tech Firms each year since 2013. In 2019 and 2020, EPAM was named the best IT services company on Fortune’s list of 100 Fastest Growing Companies.

With more than 25 years of experience developing commercial software products, EPAM really understands the challenges of change. It brings together a range of functions in different domains and technology areas to help companies manage complexity and optimize their growth.

“We are a global team of technologists and thinkers united by our values ​​and passion for technology. Agile product engineering is our core, ”said Yushan Tien, Marketing Manager and Marketing Director for Talent Acquisition at EPAM APAC.

To date, they have helped over 120 Fortune 1000 companies in a variety of industries solve their most complex technology challenges. Partners they have worked with include Adobe, SAP, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services.

Fortnite gameImage credit: Fortnite

If you’ve played or heard of Fortnite, you’ll be surprised to find out that EPAM and Epic Games have provided a digital ecosystem that provides the infrastructure and services needed to power games for more than 350 million Fortnite players, and Revolutionizes the way gamers and developers create, publish, and consume game experiences.

EPAM also helped transform the technology system for Bacardi – the world’s largest privately held liquor company – to accelerate the adoption of innovative, connected e-commerce solutions while improving the customer search experience.

At the beginning of this year, UNICEF ECARO and EPAM jointly built the trustworthy information platform “HealthBuddy COVID-19”, which is intended to protect children and families across Europe and Central Asia during the pandemic and beyond.

In addition to ‘HealthBuddy COVID-19’, EPAM also supported global and local communities during this pandemic with the launch of the GENTL mask and its COVID-19 resistance app, which helped it win the 2020 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award.

“We are a long-term, trusted solution provider to many of the most respected and stable names in the finance, insurance and banking industries, and have developed many innovation solutions for the healthcare industry around the world,” said Yushan.

Making a mark in Singapore

epam new york stock exchangePhoto credit: EPAM Global via Twitter

In 2012-2013, EPAM was the first company with Belarusian technical roots to go public on the New York Stock Exchange.

EPAM then expanded into the Asia Pacific region, believing the region was full of opportunity, and set up its first APAC office in Hong Kong.

From there, EPAM expanded its presence to China, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia and Japan.

“We are fully in line with supporting Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative and preparing Singapore to be the global hub for tech talent,” said Yushan.

“For example, EPAM Singapore ran our Emerging Engineers Academy to develop young talent fresh out of school. There they go through a rigorous three-month program to build extensive technical skills … that will accelerate their future careers.”

Arcc Rooms SingaporeImage credit: Arcc Spaces

EPAM shared more of its moves in Singapore and announced that it has recently moved to a new Singapore office at The Co., Arcc Spaces, across from Funan Digital Mall.

According to the company, remote working and virtual teams were a focus for EPAM even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, moving to a coworking space is a natural transition.

“Since some of our Singapore-based employees are tied to customer locations and most of our other employees are successful in multifunctional / diverse teams, the co-working space is a good balance for the employees here,” explained Yushan.

“While we have large delivery centers in China, India and other parts of the world, EPAM Singapore is really about serving the global MNC customers with whom we have developed a relationship over the years.”

In addition, the co-working space will further fuel the company’s ambitions for remote working. Employees can conveniently book their seats or meeting rooms, stands and other amenities at any time via their internal app.

EPAM emphasized that many of their projects are successful because of their adaptability and a strong focus on partnering with customers.

“We are so proud of our remote working solutions that we even design such systems – from consulting and design to engineering and managed services – for customers so that they can have a very fast work-from-home strategy for theirs Employees and customers can implement and beyond the pandemic. “

“We turn work from home into work,” Yushan quipped.

True to that feeling, when the pandemic broke out, EPAM was able to quickly move 98 percent of its global teams to a remote working model that is safe, reliable, productive, and collaborative.

However, EPAM’s remote working solutions have helped deliver instant value to customers in today’s new market environment.

How to be an EPAMer

With a global presence in more than 35 countries, EPAM now employs more than 38,000 people.

According to EPAM, they are always looking for talented people to “shape the future” with them.

When asked to describe the company’s culture, Yushan said they were looking for “smart, humble and hungry” people to join EPAM.

“The candidates have to show all three qualities in order to be our ideal team player.”

If you’re a problem solver, connect the dots quickly, and make a living from teamwork and collaboration, you might be the perfect candidate.

Your interviews usually start with a general interview with one of their talent acquisition specialists, who tries to understand the candidate’s career goals, background, and personality to ensure relevance and a good fit.

The next phase of the interview will be a one-on-one interview with the manager (s), which may sometimes include technical tests to assess the applicant’s practical skills.

EPAM’s team of talented recruiters asks about job fit and skills. The company is known for having one of the most advanced technical interview processes in the industry.

epam apac teamPhoto credit: EPAM APAC (Pre-COVID-19 photo)

Interested candidates will be happy to know that qualification at EPAM is a standard that offers many continuous learning and development opportunities to empower individuals.

“In addition to internal and external courses, academy programs, webinars, coaching sessions and technical meetups, our global ZED conference is an interesting annual conference. (It) brings the software and technology community together and offers them a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from one another and gain important insights from thought leaders in the industry. “

“The extensive self-learning platforms and development tools keep us at the forefront of the latest technologies and solutions (and) are also extremely attractive to EPAMers who are always focused on growth and development,” said Yushan.

Some other employee benefits, though different in different countries, include global opportunities for advancement, working with market-leading clients, carrying out challenging and innovative projects, and a range of other “world-class” corporate benefits.

Epam Singapore officePhoto credit: EPAM Singapore

EPAM Singapore is currently looking for 60 to 80 technologists for the coming year. Some key roles include software developers, software test and automation engineers, project managers, product managers, and business analysts, and solution architects.

The full list of job vacancies can be found on the careers page here. If there aren’t any suitable roles for you but you know someone who fits the bill, you can refer them to EPAM and have the chance to win an attractive cash referral bonus.

“EPAMers join the company because they know they can quickly make a (positive) difference in this hyper-growth phase. EPAM also values ​​individuals very much, but works as a team, so we don’t have a suffocating, competitive environment, ”said Yushan.

“Especially in Asia, where the digital and tertiary sectors are growing by leaps and bounds, it’s child’s play to join a technology company during this time. We are still relatively young for EPAM in APAC. Now is the time to join us – create a legacy and help us grow! “

This article was written in collaboration with EPAM.

Selected image source: EPAM (photo taken before COVID-19)




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