Insurgent Wilson Rocks Black Snow Pants As She Exhibits Off Weight Loss – .


Rebel Wilson shared gorgeous new photos of herself that looked amazing standing outdoors in a snowy winter wonderland and the caption showed how “excited” she was about them.

Rebel WilsonThe 40-year-old was the most beautiful sight to see in an explosion in a snow-covered place in her latest social media images. The actress shared the series of photos in an Instagram post on December 5th and it was the perfect portrayal of the holiday season! In them she playfully poses while she plays in the glittering snow and shows her amazing figure in a black and white sweater overall with zipper and matching gloves.

The beauty also had her long blonde locks mostly pulled back and up at the bottom with some front strands, pairing the look with black snowshoes. “You can say that I’m Australian because I’m so excited to be in the snow ⛄️ ”she wrote in the headline for the post. It didn’t take long for her followers to join the excitement and rave about her photos!

“IMPRESSIVE!” one exclaimed while another wrote: “You are fabulous, rebel!” A third said to her: “Love sunny, snowy days!” and a fourth called the epic snapshots “beautiful”.

Rebel Wilson, seen here at a previous event, hit her target weight of 165 pounds. in November (AP Images)

Rebel’s stunning snowy snaps come after she reveals she hit her 165 pound goal weight. after spending the year working on her weight loss. “Achieve my goal within a month! Although it’s not about a weight number, but about being healthy, I needed a specific measurement as a goal and that was 75 kg, ”she wrote next to a picture of a scale showing her weight.

Rebel’s incredible transformation has brought a lot of inspiration to her fans and she hasn’t been shy about sharing what worked for her when it comes to shedding the pounds. The comedian admitted that she switched to a high-protein diet that helped her stay full longer. “So I’ve really switched to a high protein diet, which is a challenge because I didn’t eat a lot of meat before. I eat fish, salmon and chicken breast, ”she said to PEOPLE.

She also pointed out that while she tries to stick to the high protein diet, she doesn’t deprive herself of a treat every now and then and even turn them into healthier goodies when she can. “I have this state of being that is not my quote, but I go ‘nothing is forbidden’,” she explained. “We’re going to say, ‘Shall we get an in-n-out burger?’ And I say, “Nothing is forbidden.” I can go there, I could only eat half of what I ate before. You know? And I’ll have a burger and some fries and then you’ll be fine . “

“I’m just trying to get an overall balance, an overall healthy balance,” she added. Well done rebel!




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