Newbie Pullup Ideas From US Marine Michael Eckert


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Stop dodging that chin-up bar. Even if you haven’t completed a single pullup in 20 years, it’s never too late to try again. And while it may take some time, these beginner pullup tips from US Marine and Youtube Pullup Sensation, Michael Eckert will help you get over the bar again.

Tip 1 for beginners: grip strength

The strength of the grip is crucial in order to be able to pull yourself up. Unfortunately, tapping the computer keyboard or the phone screen doesn’t help. To improve your grip strength, Eckert suggests three different workouts – farmer walks, squeeze plate grips, and dead slopes.

Tip 2 for beginners: elbow flexion

If you want to pull yourself up, you need to work on your elbow flexion. This means working on the biceps, brachialis, and brachioradialis – three muscles that dominate the pulling movement. To train these muscles, Eckert suggests two movements – the biceps lock and the plate pull.

Tip 3 for beginners: isometric contractions

As Eckert describes, isometric contraction occurs when your muscle contracts and is under resistance, but isn’t lengthened or shortened. This type of workout is great for pull-ups because it develops your weaker areas and requires both biceps and forearm strength.

Tip 4 for beginners: negatives

If you haven’t gotten to the point where you can pull yourself over the bar, lowering yourself off the bar is a good place to start. Just step on something to bring your chin over the bar, then slowly lower yourself to the floor. Aim for seven seconds. Concentrate strictly on the eThe centric contraction – the lowering phase – still works on the same muscle groups and stabilizers as a normal pull-up.

Tip 5 for beginners: trust

Going over the bar for the first time can feel like a daunting task. But to flip the switch in your brain, all you have to do is cheat a little. A rubber band can be attached to the bar and will give you the extra thrust needed to get over the bar. This movement familiarizes your body with the full pull-up movement and builds your confidence when you are ready to get rid of the exercise bands.

Check out Eckert’s complete beginner tips tutorial above and get to work!

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