14 Wonderful Skincare Tricks to Observe After Exercise at Residence


Why do we train? Doing our best and get healthy or lose weight and get a toned body, but what if your hard work breaking down the fat is damaging your skin? Sweat during a workout can cause clogged pores, acne and breakouts if you don’t take your post-workout skin care seriously. Since most of us currently exercise at home, this article will help you maintain a toned figure without having skin care issues.

14 Amazing Tips For Post-Workout Skin Care At Home:

1. Make-up and sweat together don’t sound that good, right? Regardless of the type of waterproof and sweatproof products you use while exercising, it can lead to clogged pores with sweat and cause a breakout. Before training, remove all traces of makeup from your face. Use makeup remover or facial tissues and go face-to-face naked.

2. Tie your hair up and make sure it doesn’t fall on your face. You can also wear a headband to keep the sweat from dripping on your face. It looks retro, but your skin will thank you for not wearing one.

3. Apply a moisturizing lip balm as we breathe through our mouths when exercising and it makes our lips dry.

4. Always have a fresh towel ready for each training session. Only wash this face towel with a mild detergent. Failure to do so may cause rashes and irritation on sensitive skin.

5. Use a non-comedogenic sunscreen when you plan to exercise in the park or outdoors. Also, make sure your sunscreen is water-based and sweatproof.

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6. Wear loose workout clothes to help dry your sweat and avoid infection. And if you work out in a gym or where the same equipment is used, avoid shorts and backless tops to protect your skin from infection.

7. After exercising, clean your face with a mild, alcohol-free cleanser. People who exercise tend to have more dead skin cells. So I recommend using an exfoliating brush or silicone pad with your detergent. Follow this up with a toner (if you’re using one) and a moisturizer.

8. Scrub your face once a week with a gentle scrub once a week to remove dry and dead skin cells. If you’re a fan of DIY skincare, here is a homemade scrub that you can make yourself using readily available ingredients.

9. If you cannot wash your face right after exercising, wear cleaning wipes or baby wipes to cleanse your face.

10. Don’t neglect your body as it has more dead skin cells than your face. Use a loofah (it also helps a little in getting rid of cellulite). And use a good moisturizer after you shower. If you’re exercising to lose weight, or doing weight training or stretching (which you should definitely be doing), use a heavy-duty moisturizer on the areas where you are likely to get stretch marks. Moisture is the only thing that prevents stretch marks.

11. If your hair becomes greasy frequently, use a dry shampoo instead of washing it daily as washing it daily will damage it badly. If you don’t want to indulge in a dry shampoo, make your own homemade dry shampoo as mentioned here.

12. Keep sipping water during and after your workout to replenish the water lost through sweating. Lots of water will help both your skin and your muscles.

13. Wait 20 minutes before taking a shower as you need to properly cool your body and normalize your heart rate before you can take a shower.

14. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer to replenish the water that the skin lost during exercise, to ensure the skin stays healthy and glowing.

Lastly, you should sanitize your phone, headphones, headphones, or any other device that you use while exercising. If you wear glasses, be sure to clean them as they harbor bacteria and can trigger breakouts.

The more time and energy you spend burning the calories, the more you need to take care of your skin as well. Sweating is good for your skin as you cleanse your pores, but only if the skin is properly cared for afterwards. Make sure you eat healthy, stay away from white carbohydrates and processed foods. Increase your fiber intake. And drink plenty of water too. Not only will this help you achieve your dream figure, but it will also keep skin problems at bay and make your skin glow.

Post-workout skin care tips
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