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There’s a new peach in town when Drew Sidora joins ‘RHOA’! In this EXCLUSIVE new interview, the 35-year-old revealed why now was the “time” after turning down the show twice.

Drew SidoraThe 35-year-old has butterflies as she prepares to hold a peach in season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “Yes, I am nervous!” Drew told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE on November 23rd from their Atlanta home. “Anyway, I only get scared when I see myself on TV. I had never got used to that. Yes, of course. It’s all new to me, ”she admitted.

This isn’t the first time Drew, who has starred in television since he was eight, has been asked to join the cast – which shows that she turned down twice! “I’m super excited because I was supposed to be on this show a couple of times,” said Drew. The new reality star decided not to appear on the show five years ago after a difficult pregnancy with his son Machai, now 5. “When I was approached in 2015, I was pregnant with my now 5 year old and my water broke after 28 weeks. I was in bed rest in the hospital for 5 weeks and couldn’t make it through Atlanta. I said, “This is not the time.”

After moving cities and hanging out with her friends and wives, past and present Cynthia Bailey, 53 and Eva MarcilleWhen she was 36, she began to warm up to the idea. “The next time I got approached, we were just moving to Atlanta,” said Drew. “And I got to meet Eva and Cynthia at their wine opening and I had a lot of fun and said, ‘OK, this is dope, I love it! ‘My life is not perfect. I go through things. I like to have a lot of fun. Just being able to share this way is just very good timing and I feel like it should be. We’re in Atlanta now. I know Cynthia and she introduced me to the group of ladies so I just said, ‘Why not?’ “

But the third time was a spell for the mother of Machai, Aniya, 2 and Josiah, 9 – and she felt a message from a higher power that it was finally time to say yes! “When the opportunity presented itself a third time, I said, ‘OK, God. What do you want to tell me? ‘”Drew added. “It just felt like I had been through so much at this point in my life. When I make different films and film different TV shows, my nature and where I’m from, I can never show myself and share. People don’t see that I’m a person like everyone else. “

While fans won’t see Drew at the season premiere, she teases us that we can expect lots of fun and family drama from her this season. “I’ve had some dramatic moments!” Teased Drew. “I think 2020 was just unreal for everyone. So when you deal with the pandemic, you come to a breaking point. I had 3 operations on my Achilles tendon and suffered a staph infection. I had to get antibiotics through an IV and I have 3 children, my mother lives with us. So it was more than enough to go around where I feel we need to solve a lot of our problems in front of the camera. But all in all, it was beneficial because I think our marriage will get stronger and we really dedicate ourselves to work to stay together. We don’t want a divorce at all. “

The Real Housewives of Atlanta celebrate their thirteenth season on Sunday. December 6th at 9pm on Bravo.




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