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Are you struggling to stick to a routine? Did watching just one more episode of your favorite series wake you up and interfere with your exercise habits? It’s time to change that. Thanks to the new partnership between Samsung South Africa, 1Life, LifeQ and VeoSens, it is very easy to get back on track.

The partnership has created the world’s first life insurance ecosystem – 1Life Pulse, designed to help you improve your lifestyle once and for all.

1 impulse of life

1Life Pulse is a sophisticated lifestyle monitoring and management system that tracks and controls your heart, activity and sleep, and monitors your general well-being.

This is an absolute milestone for South Africans as it ticks two very important boxes: health and finance. For example, every time qualified policyholders decide to get some extra sleep or a walk, they can add up to R216 per day or up to R6 560 per month to their life insurance from day one. Over two years you can increase your additional life insurance by up to 200,000 R if you increase your well-being. This product is an innovative approach that takes the latest trends in life insurance and makes a lasting difference where it matters most.

Intelligent partnerships with killer advantages

When resourceful companies work together, they can create evolutionary change in unexpected ways. Samsung partnered with LifeQ on the first commercial launch of VeoSens – a portable, fully integrated insurance and health management solution developed in partnership with Samsung and Hannover Re. The aim is to bring life insurance, technology and science together in an easy way and to provide consumers with achievable, dynamic and long-term value so that they can make better decisions about their wellbeing.

Samsung is always looking into strategic partnerships that not only strengthen the Galaxy ecosystem, but above all offer an incomparable user experience with exceptional customer benefits at the same time. The electronics giant therefore saw the opportunity to offer both a smart health solution and greater value to consumers looking to improve their lives. The aim is to use technologies that can change life – both from the perspective of health technology and from the perspective of long-term life insurance.

The fact is, healthcare technology is an exciting and rapidly growing market as wearables and sensors become more advanced, affordable, and ubiquitous in our daily lives. The partners in this groundbreaking collaboration can now harness the power of technology to reshape the life insurance landscape by adopting cutting-edge technologies that will usher in a new age in long-term insurance technology.

Get a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

All qualified new 1Life policyholders who purchase coverage for R1 million or more can choose to receive a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which is chipped against their 1Life insurance number. The Galaxy Watch Active2 now has a larger customizable screen and a fresh new look. It gives you precise insights into health when you need it, while keeping you connected at the same time. Whether you’re on the go or past your next deadline, the Galaxy Watch Active2 will keep you optimal inside and out.

Wearables use low-frequency measurements based on annual and episodic data such as visits from nurses and fitness trainers combined with basic data on continuous activity. However, with 1Life Pulse, VeoSens provides a real-time snapshot of general wellbeing that allows users to see the effects of simple lifestyle changes.

LifeQ’s solutions are based on the industry-leading biology of computer systems and on modeling the body’s physiological systems and how they interact with one another. LifeQ offers four custom health ratings for heart, activity, sleep, and fitness. These results give users a thorough understanding of their current health and wellbeing, and the impact of changes in lifestyle and behavior – beyond simply counting steps and visits to the gym.

And now you can expand your life insurance simply by downloading and activating the VeoSens app from Samsung and LifeQ. As soon as you take cover you will earn R50,000 on your life insurance immediately! From there, every time the Galaxy Watch Active2 is buckled up, you can add two ways to your additional life insurance. 50% by simply monitoring your activities and another 50% by positive changes.

With the 1Life Pulse product on your Galaxy Watch Active2, you can see that even the smallest lifestyle changes can improve your well-being while increasing your life insurance coverage. This is a great example of companies joining together to transform an entire industry and make a meaningful difference in our lives.

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