Precision Vitamin Stage 1 Certification: Steadily Requested Questions.


First and foremost, we are practitioners, not just theorists. In fact, we are the only nutritional certification company in the world that coaches our own customers and trains health and fitness professionals.

We are in the trenches every day coaching thousands of people around the world from all walks of life. We are constantly improving our coaching process based on our own practical insights as well as the latest research results in the fields of nutritional science, exercise physiology and behavioral change psychology.

Our team consists of some of the best nutritionists, graduate students, dietitians and specialists in the industry.

For example, Dr. John Berardi, co-founder and co-author of Precision Nutrition’s Level 1 program, exposed to nearly every aspect of health, fitness and nutrition. He was:

  • A student of nutrition, Graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrient Biochemistry.
  • A nutrition teacher at several universities including the University of Texas, Eastern Michigan University, and the University of Western Ontario.
  • A competitive athleteand won Mr. Jr. USA in 1995.
  • A personal trainerand runs a successful training business in Miami.
  • A researcher Who has published studies in professional journals.
  • An author from over half a dozen nutrition books and hundreds of articles in magazines such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and many more.
  • An advisor to companies like Nike, Equinox and Titleist.
  • A nutrition trainer Thousands of everyday people and some professional athletes and Olympic gold medalists.

Aside from being academically qualified, he has a pretty unique perspective – one that is very well suited to teaching this material, especially for professionals.

Dr. Berardi has seen the field of nutrition from more angles, both personally and professionally, than almost anyone who teaches nutrition today.

He has also written chapters for other nutrition textbooks, created university courses in sports nutrition at the Masters level, and created nutrition certification material for other certification bodies.

He therefore has extensive experience in creating academic course material.

Above all, we believe that our team is qualified for this because we have extensively used and tested this system with our own customers here at Precision Nutrition.

Remember: Precision Nutrition isn’t just a certification company.

For the past 15 years, we’ve quietly conducted the world’s largest body transformation research project with our Precision Nutrition Coaching System.

We’ve got over 100,000 clients to go through our nutrition coaching curriculum, essentially doing an exercise, diet, and lifestyle intervention.

The purpose of this coaching is simple: to help people lose fat, gain muscle mass, and completely change their bodies (and lives).

Here’s the thing: since the entire program is online, We can collect data about anything. And we mean everything.

Since we do not see customers in person, we cannot “sample” things. We need data. Therefore we have detailed psychometric (personality) profiles of our customers. We track compliance and any measurable and relevant behavior. And of course we regularly collect photos and monitor body composition and performance results.

Because of this rigorous data collection, here at Precision Nutrition we probably know better than almost anyone in the world which variables are most important to body transformation success.

Remember, we don’t talk about who we are superior is correlated with success. We talk about what we do absolutely know is correlated with success. Success here means compliance, consistency and ultimately fat loss, muscle building and life changing health improvements.

Gathering this type of information takes a long time, especially since nobody in the health or fitness industry has done it before. But now that it’s been collected, analyzed and tested, we believe it’s time to share.

From there the Precision Nutrition Certification was born.




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