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The Weeknd and Rosalia teamed up for a very steamy music video that sparked dating speculation left and right on Twitter. We learned if the whole conversation “concerned” the weekend’s ex, Bella Hadid.

Fans may be raving about the idea of ​​a hypothetical romance between The weeknd, 30 and Rosalia, 27, but the rumors don’t work Bella Hadid, 24. “BellaIt’s not really about what’s going on or not with Abel’s love life, one way or another, ”a source close to Bella referring to the real name of The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye), Told EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife. Speculation about Abel’s aforementioned love life began when he starred in a passionate music video with Rosalia for a remix for his hit “Blinding Lights”, which was released on December 3rd (see below).

In the video, Abel seductively wrapped his arms around the Spanish pop star, a pose he copied from this steamy photo. That got the fans talking, of course, as you can see below! Bella “knows the name of the game and understands that its expression is through its music,” our source tells us. “Rosalia is beautiful and Bella knows there will always be fan speculation regardless of who he’s working with. “

There’s a reason Bella knows that fan speculation about Abel’s dating life will always be rampant. “TheThey have a long history and have spent a large part of their lives together, ”our source explains. “That will never change and she knows that they have learned a lot from each other through their relationship. Bella focuses on her own life and does not spend her time invading his life. ”

With that said, it was purely by chance that Bella shared a steamy video of herself right after her ex starred in a steamy video with Rosalia. “Bella I had no intention of texting Abel when she posted this Instagram video, ”our source clarifies, referring to the video in which Bella starred on December 4th – the day after Abel’s video – in one black lace bra from La Perla exuding sultry vibes Rosalia was released. She even gave the sexy clip a flirtatious title: “Baby, you remind me of my dreams.”

However, “Bella is a supermodel and anyone who follows her on social media knows that she is very confident and content to post content that she believes will empower her, ”adds our source. “She’s a accomplished professional and doesn’t use social media as a tool to build her brand and spread positivity.”

A throwback photo of Bella Hadid and The Weeknd making their red carpet debut as a couple at the 2016 Grammy Awards. (Image credit: MEGA)

While Bella leads her best life as a single and empowered woman, fans are dying to know if Abel’s relationship with Rosalia is anything more than professional. “Are Rosalia and The Weeknd together? Or just work together? I need answers! “Asked a fan on Twitter while another fan tweeted:” I am convinced that the week and Rosalia are together. “A third fan even wrote:”@theweeknd ur dating rosalia admit it. ”

Are Rosalia and The Weeknd together? Or just work together? I need answers!

– Priscilla. (@ MissPris_73) December 3, 2020

Despite the many assumptions, Abel has not had a public relationship with anyone since he split from Bella in August 2019. As our insider pointed out, Bella and Abel have a long history together. They were first romantically linked after Coachella in 2015, and although they separated by fall 2016, they got back together (temporarily) in 2018.




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