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More than a month after election day, Donald Trump is still refusing to concede President-elect Joe Biden. While the results of the 2020 presidential election have not changed, the handover of coronavirus to the United States has grown significantly as numerous states have reported increased cases and deaths.

But between trying to reverse election results and keeping a pandemic at bay, President Trump can only keep an eye on one, says Seth Meyers. Following Monday’s Late Night episode, Meyers targeted the current president’s lack of action amid coronavirus waves while continuing to “obsessively” follow election counts.

“We are in the deadliest phase of the worst national crisis in 100 years and the president is obsessively focused on countering the inauguration of Joe Biden and trying to overthrow the democratically elected government,” Meyers said during his segment.

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Rather than meet with his coronavirus task force, which he hasn’t done in months, Trump continues to gather supporters to spread his claims of “election fraud”. Not only does Trump question the election results and encourage his supporters to do the same, but he also brags about how much he’s done since November.

However, Meyers said there might be some Americans who might not fall for the brag about the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m sure a nurse who works double shift in a Covid ward would be excited to hear that Trump works double shift accomplices too crazy for the Joker. “

While Meyers pointed out Rudy Giuliani and his recent Covid-19 diagnosis, Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah also devoted time to poking fun at the former New York mayor.

Kimmel and Noah didn’t let Giuliani down, joking that he would also legally challenge the results of his coronavirus test, sarcastically saying his Sunday diagnosis was so surprising as the lawyer often travels the country without masks. Additionally, two late night hosts kept their Covid-19 jokes in check and took the time to ponder Giuliani’s other moments worth shaking.

“Have we ever seen a strip like this?” Asks Kimmel and refers to Giuliani’s appearance in Borat 2, the press conference on Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Snafu and much more.

See all the skits below.




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