The Metaphorical Energy of Basements


Welcome to The queue – Your daily distraction from curated video content from across the web. Today we’re going to watch a video of why basements are such a terrible movie room.

The only thing worse than going to a basement is watching someone else do it in a movie.

What invisible horrors lie under inconspicuous hallways and cellar doors? When it comes to basements, hell has no limits! You might be greeted by the infernal pines of a stove like poor Kevin McCallister in Home alone. Her exposed knuckles could be ripped like Ash’s Evil Dead II. Or you stumble into a putrid hiding place in the dark like in The silence of the Lambs.

Now not all screen basements are evil. There are lots of underground spaces that I can only say feel safe and comfortable. Or at least protected from harm. But under all that, be it a human cave or a mass grave, all cellars have one thing in common: They are pressure cookers for history, use and symbolism.

Basements can be a metaphorically unconscious space out of sight and out of sight: a literally suppressed area of ​​the home where you can be vulnerable, bury your trauma, or banish dark secrets. They can blur the line between a refuge and a prison. And they can physically manifest the stratification of the class. As the following video article argues, cellars do not derive their strength from darkness, but rather by bringing to light the invisible, inconvenient and unconfirmed.

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