British Unbiased Movie Awards Announce Their Nominations


The pre-season is underway and today brings the nominees for the British Independent Film Awards. The BIFAs, as they are called, have been tough on Saint Maud, who led the field and got 17 nominations for Rose Glass’ film. Remi Weekes’ His House received 16 quotes, meaning the horror had a great day with this forerunner. Rocks by Sarah Gavron and Anu Henrique (15 nominations), Nick Rowland’s Calm With Horses (10 nods) and Florian Zeller’s The Father (six nominations) also do very well. In the realm of international film, American films like Never Seldom were sometimes always cited and Nomadland. It’s an interesting list overall, so be sure to check out the list below …

Now here are the nominations for the British Independent Film Award:

Best British Independent Film

Rest with horses
The father
His house
Holy Maud

Best director

Sarah Gavron, Rocks [Associate Director Anu Henriques]
Rose glass, Saint Maud
Nick Rowland, calm with horses
Remi Weekes, his house
Florian Zeller, the father

Best script

Rose glass, Saint Maud
Theresa Ikoko, Claire Wilson, Rocks
Bassam Tariq, Riz Ahmed, Mogul Mowgli
Remi Weekes, his house
Florian Zeller, Christopher Hampton, the father

Best Actress

Bukky Bakray, rocks
Morfydd Clark, Saint Maud
Clare Dunne herself
Wunmi Mosaku, his house
Andrea Riseborough, Luxor

Best actor

Riz Ahmed, Mughal Mowgli
Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù, his house
Amir El-Masry, suspension
Anthony Hopkins, the father
Cosmo Jarvis, calm with horses

The best supporting actress

Niamh Algar, calm with horses
Kosar Ali, rocks
Jennifer Ehle, Saint Maud
Ashley Madekwe, County Lines
Fiona Shaw, related

Best supporting actor

Harris Dickinson, county lines
Barry Keoghan, calm with horses
Alyy Khan, Mughal Mowgli
Merab Ninidze, the courier
D’angelou Osei Kissiedu, rock

The Douglas Hickox Award (Debut Director)

Henry Blake, county lines
Rose glass, Saint Maud
Eva Riley, Perfect 10
Nick Rowland, calm with horses
Remi Weekes, his house

Breakthrough producer

Douglas Cox, host [Also Produced By Emily Gotto, Samuel Zimmerman]
Daniel Emmerson, rest with horses
Irune Gurtubai, limbo [Also Produced By Angus Lamont]
Oliver Kassman, Saint Maud [Also Produced By Andrea Cornwell]
Edward King, Martin Gentles, his house [Also Produced By Aidan Elliott, Roy Lee, Arnon Milchan]

Debut screenwriter

Riz Ahmed, Mughal Mowgli [Also Written By Bassam Tariq]
Rose glass, Saint Maud
Theresa Ikoko, Claire Wilson, Rocks
Joe Murtagh, calm with horses
Remi Weekes, his house

Most promising newcomer

Niamh Algar, calm with horses
Kosar Ali, rocks
Bukky Bakray, rocks
Frankie Box, Perfect 10
Conrad Khan, county lines

Best documentary

The Australian dream
Be a human person
The reason I jump
Phoenix from the ashes
white rioter

The Raindance Discovery Award

A man and his shoes
Perfect 10
Rose: A love story

Best British Short Film

The forgotten C.
The long farewell
Sudden light

Best international independent film

Baby teeth
Never seldom sometimes always
Nomad land

Best casting

Shaheen Baig, calm with horses
Kharmel Cochrane, Saint Maud
Carmen Cuba, his house
And Jackson, Limbo
Lucy Pardee, Rocks

Best camera

Nick Cooke, Limbo
Ben Fordesman, Saint Maud
Hélène Louvart, rocks
Annika Summerson, Mughal Mowgli
Jo Willems, his house

Best costume design

Michele Clapton, The Secret Garden
Ruka Johnson, Rocks
Tina Kalivas, Saint Maud
Michael O’Connor, ammonite
Charlotte Walter, wrongdoing

Best processing

Julia Bloch, his house
Yorgos Lamprinos, the father
Maya Maffioli, rocks
Brenna Rangott, hostess
Mark Towns, Saint Maud

Best effects

Agnes Asplund, Martin Malmqvist, Undergods
Scott Macintyre, Baris Kareli, Christian Mallett and Saint Maud
Pedro Sabrosa, Stefano Pepin, his house

Best makeup & hair design

Jacquetta Levon, Saint Maud
Sharon A Martin, his house
Ivana Primorac, ammonite
Nora Robertson, Rocks
Jill Sweeney, wrongdoing

Best music

Roque Baños, his house
Paul Corley, Mogul Mowgli
Nainita Desai, The reason I jump
Connie Farr, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, rocks
Adam Janota Bzowski, Saint Maud

Best production design

Jacqueline Abrahams, his house
Cristina Casali, wrongdoing
Peter Francis, the father
Marketa Korinkova, Elo Soode, Undergods
Paulina Rzeszowska, Saint Maud

Best sound

Adrian Bell, Glenn Freemantle, Frank Kruse, Brendan Nicholson, Richard Pryke, his house
Paul Davies, Saint Maud
Paul Davies, Robert Farr, Nigel Albermaniche, Ian Morgan and Mogul Mowgli
Nick Ryan, Ben Baird, Sara De Oliveira Lima, The Reason I Jump
Calum Sample, host

Stay tuned to see who and what wins BIFAs!




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