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In Europe there were rumors this week that the Berlin Film Festival will be postponed due to the persistently high coronavirus numbers in Germany and across the continent.

The organizers of the event, which will take place from February 11 to 21 as a hybrid physical festival as well as an online and physical market, told us yesterday: “The Berlinale has been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We are currently testing the feasibility of the festival in February and alternative options. Further information on planning the Berlinale 2021 will follow immediately. “

When a timeline was pressed to change the dates, the festival said there should be an update “very soon”.

This is a different tone than a few weeks ago when the festival told us it was “too early to think about canceling” and that the event “should still be held as a physical event in February”, albeit with a reduced cast.

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In view of the ongoing Covid crisis, fatalism has found its way into the regular guests of the Berlinale. Many are expecting at least a delay, and unfortunately a number of industries we spoke with are not planning either way given the travel complications and the status of the pandemic.

Cinemas in Germany are slated to be closed until at least January 10th, and Chancellor Angela Merkel called for stricter restrictions on the coronavirus during the Christmas season this week.

The number of Covid cases and deaths has increased in Germany. The country recorded 542 deaths yesterday, while there were 622 deaths on Tuesday.

Since the widespread availability of vaccines is not likely until spring at the earliest, there is also speculation in the industry that Cannes (May 14-25) itself may need to be pushed back. When contacted by .’s organizers, they informed us that nothing has changed since an update in October when President Pierre Lescure said the emergency dates have been set for 2021 in case the event has to be postponed.




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