GP on Kissing Some Frogs—and Discovering the Excellent One


Whether it’s a relationship, a job, or even a fancy sweater that you know you will wear until it literally comes off. It is not easy to find exactly what you want. “You need visions, but in many cases a lot of work to make them come true,” says GP. Creating the ultimate clean lip balm has always been a holy grail for us here at goop – and it took us three full years to create this balm that we all fell in love with. “To say we had to kiss a few frogs is an understatement,” laughs GP. “We wanted to do so much right: it had to be super comfortable, moisturizing and nourishing. It had to feel great and do even better. It had to have the creamiest slip, a smooth finish, a subtle scent, and just a whisper of a taste. “

“Your senses are preoccupied with whatever you put on your lips,” she says. We also consume a lot of everything we put on our lips (and ingest something too), which makes great clean ingredients more important than ever. Researching and sourcing these highest quality ingredients led us to a formula that is especially good for chapped, chapped, or dry lips. “It’s full of amazing vegetable oils like coconut, argan, castor seeds, jojoba, and sunflower, as well as pomegranate extract and shea butter,” says GP. “My lips get so dry, especially in winter, and this balm soothes and moisturizes like nothing else.”

The satin finish leaves a touch of sheen rather than full sheen. “You notice that subtle glow when you smile,” says GP. “Most days, this lip balm is the only makeup I wear.” It’s also great under a mask. “There’s no sloppy moment when your lips are stuck to the mask,” she says. “It’s the perfect lip balm. I love everything about it – even the rose gold tube looks so cute in your pocket. “

“So it’s the best present ever,” she continues. “It’s adorable and it really works.”

The mini-cemetery in GP’s office with all of the almost there, not quite, absolutely definitely not and no-way-in-hell versions that we worked on is pretty impressive. “I can be a little uncompromising in certain areas,” she says, grinning mischievously. After we finally got the formula for success, we got it tested, with amazing results.

“It’s worth looking for something really great, dreaming about it, waiting for it, and insisting,” says GP. That goes for a lot more in life than lip balm, of course. So we asked her to come up with some of her favorite things that are the perfect version. She added some people, experiences and places.

I wear the sweater everywhere

“It’s chic and super flattering, even a little flirtatious – it goes great with jeans (or sweats for a zoom) and chic with a skirt for a small dinner. And it’s cozy: you feel like you’re in a warm cloud. Wearing with these Gucci leggings was the ultimate combination of comfort and coolness. “

GP in Gucci

The dream pans

“I think it’s great that they are non-adhesive and ceramic so that they don’t harm anyone’s health. I love how light and light they feel in my hand. and of course I love the exclusive blush color. “

The face cream that changes everything

“When I started using this cream, I saw a real change in my skin. I love it right now – it’s just so moisturizing it leaves your skin like silk all day – and I love the noticeable long-term results. “

The most comfortable in the world
Bra (and panties)

“I mean. You can’t believe how great this bra is until you try it – it’s just the softest, most comfortable, and the nude is perfect underneath anything. And it’s responsibly made from 95 percent bamboo. Even at this time, I love it when I don’t wear a lot of bras. “

Nice reading glasses

“It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? They are the best.”

My incredible children

“It was just the most rewarding experience to see these two emerge and grow into what they are. Raising children is not always easy, but it is one of the most beautiful things in life. “

GP and children

The best white t-shirt

“This has the ultimate t-shirt shape in my opinion: boxy but not over-sized, and a sleeve that flatters your arms.”

Multiple necklaces

“For me it can’t be just a necklace; It has to be an amazing batch. I like to play with length, proportions, metal, and pendants – it’s different every day. “

Mr. Brad Falchuk

“When you’ve had failed relationships and you are able to learn from them and really work at holding yourself accountable, you are opening yourself to the best relationship anyone could ever have.”

GP and Brad Falchuk

Really special earrings

“These are small enough to wear every day and so beautiful that they can be worn for a special occasion. They are subtle but have so much style. “

The chicest sweater dress

“Perfect for a romantic dinner at home. This one has a sexy neckline with a restrained length and the most beautiful ballerina silhouette. It feels great (it’s wool and silk) and looks stunning. “

Macchu Picchu

“It takes an incredibly long time to get there. Then the hike itself is a challenge, and suddenly you’re there and it’s like: Oh my god. “

GP in Machu Picchu

That pan forever

“You buy these once and have them for the rest of your life – and they just get better.”

The no-frills spa

“You wander all day with serious yoga sessions in between on super sparse, vegan food. It’s the original Spartan spa that really impressed me, and it really impressed me. ”


The cashmere tracksuit I was wearing
on a shoot and not take off

“I wore this luxurious cashmere tracksuit for a beauty shoot – and left the set with it! It’s the classic tracksuit shape, but the fabric elevates it and of course it feels so good. “

The ultimate Ashtanga class

“Eddie Stern’s OG Ashtanga classes were so tough – you had to be so committed and the payoff was just huge.”

Eddie Stern Ashtanga Classes

The Chanel 2.55 in black

“The pocket of all pockets. Nothing beats it. “

Hair ties that work –
and never leave a dent

“These are made of pure silk, are gentle on your hair and also hold a ponytail. And you can wash them out if you’re sweaty: I just take them with me in the shower after training. “

The most flattering culottes

“These are the go-to jeans in the Goop offices, and they’re especially ideal for a long-waisted person like me. The wash is so chic, the fit is just great, and the skyscraper and wide leg add that breezy glamor to whatever you wear them with. “

GP in culottes

Really (really) good knives

“These are expensive, but they make any type of chopping or cutting an absolute pleasure.”



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