Ammika Harris Breaks The Web! She Poses In Crimson Lingerie Forward Of Christmas – Examine Out Chris Brown’s Child Mama Rocking Lounge Underwear


Ammika Harris Now would be the best time to break the internet with a gorgeous photo of her showing off her tiny, toned body! Posing in red lingerie before Christmas, she managed to impress her fans and followers, not to mention her baby daddy. Chris Brown.

Check out the picture she posted a few hours ago.

One supporter exclaimed, “Now you know Chris is coming for this! The picture is 🔥. Beautiful mom. ‘

Someone else said: “Ok, Ms. Claus!” Santa Claus is definitely rushing “down the chimney tonight”. One commenter wrote this message: “You are a whole gift.” Santa Claus better come early! This is a present for two husbands and me. ‘

One fan wrote, “You look, girl, keep it up,” and one commenter said, “My dream girl, the love of my life, the joy and Her Royal Highness.”

Someone else said, ‘The fact that you have a baby and your body looks like that girl 😍 main goals ♥ ️’ and one follower posted this message: ‘Where did that bandana sweater thing come from ??? 🔥 ‘

One commenter wrote, “Wauuu, so Chris Brown enjoyed this wonder women memorial.”

One fan asked, “What does your tattoo on your collarbone say? You look great!’ and someone else posted this message: “Ammika, you are on fire … keep killing it …”

Ammika had a great life with her little boy Aeko.

Just in case you didn’t know, she and baby daddy Chris Brown were recently on an extended tropical vacation with their child.

Both proud parents made sure that some great pictures were dropped of the wonderful spot, leaving the fans speechless.

Not a long time ago Ammika Harris wowed fans with the latest photo shoot she shared.

Check out the pictures she shared on her social media account.

In other news, Ammika Her fans smiled and felt better thanks to the motivational post she posted on her social media account.

Check out what message she posted not too long ago.


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