Chrishell Stause’s Up-Do Vacation Hair Tutorial by Stylist Bradley Leake – .


Bradley Leake and his surprise guest – his client Hannah Godwin – gave HL fans step-by-step instructions for a great up-do he did at Chrishell Stause!

HollywoodLife fans got a big surprise when Bachelor Nation favored Hannah Godwin showed up as a hairdresser Bradley LeakeModel on HollywoodLife Instagram for a hair tutorial. The celebrity stylist gave an incredibly simple and beautiful tutorial on how to create a home and create a festive vacation look in less than 30 minutes. If you want something different from your standard center part and curls for the holiday season, this is the look for you! Read Bradley’s step-by-step guide below!

First, create an inner ponytail at the crown of the head, leaving the perimeter parts down. Add the bungee ponytail of the Hidden Crown Hair Extensions or the Hidden Crown Clip-In Hair Extensions for extra fullness around the ponytail. Pull the lower half of your hair that was left out of the little pony into an outer ponytail. Keep leaving the hairline off. Twist your ponytail into a bun and pin it in place. In the process, skip a tail that we’ll be using in a minute!

Use Color Wow oHair One Minute Transformation to remove frizz and runaways and secure the bun with a skipped tail. The rope braids the end of the bun by dividing it in two and literally twisting it around each other. Then secure it in the bun with a needle. Use a Boujee Beauty Infused Straightener to create bends at the hairline for texture and shape the face. Pull back and secure the loosely curled hairlines, leaving parts around the face. (You can also keep a part and flatten it all for a more toned look!) Leave out some tails

Finally, apply Color Wow Root Conceal Powder to fill the hairline without dirt! Then voila! You have a great opportunity for your vacation adventures whether it is a zoom party or a small home gathering.

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