Salt New York Blackberry Lip + Cheek Crème Tint Overview & Swatches


Salt New York Blackberry Lip and Cheek Crème Tint ($ 16.00 for 0.15 oz.) Is a lighter, medium-sized berry with cool undertones and a natural sheen. It had pure, buildable pigmentation (up to a semi-opaque cover with two to three layers, but three layers felt a bit slippery!).

The texture was light, moderately pliable, and had good glide – almost a little gelatinous in that regard – which made it work well over bare skin. I didn’t have any issues with applying the formula on complexion products, however, as it didn’t tend to lift them up. It had some moisture when used as a cheek product, but had a more satin-like sheen when used as a lip product.

It worked well as a cheek product for seven hours before it faded noticeably, while it lasted as a lip product for two hours and felt a little thin / clingy so it tended to emphasize my natural lip texture. The color also looked redder and less cool with more medium coverage when I tapped my lips. I liked it better as a creme blush than a multitasking or lip product, which wasn’t a big surprise.

MORE READING: Formula overview for details on general performance and properties (such as fragrance).

Formula overview

$ 16.00 / 0.15 oz. – – $ 106.67 per ounce

The formula is described as “buttery smooth, easy to blend” and is said to have “a sheer, buildable cover with a soft, skin-like finish”. Although it comes in three flavors – highlighter, contour / bronzer, and blush – the formulas don’t differ dramatically in terms of performance and feel.

It had sheer coverage that could be built on top of medium coverage, but getting full coverage didn’t really seem within the realm of possibility, so those who need or want larger, truer coverage might not find it as workable. I would recommend sticking with deeper hues if you need or want more coverage as the lighter hues are less buildable.

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As a baking product, the formula was applied evenly and applied well to bare skin as well as dabbed over base products as it was not a formula that tended to lift complexion products. The finish was wetter, although it seemed a little softer after about an hour of wear. They wore between six and seven hours before there was noticeable fading and / or slight movement / slide. I’ve had the best wear and tear when I applied it to a more matte foundation than bare skin or a damper / brighter foundation.

As a lip product, they offered semi-sheer to medium coverage that was a bit even, but the thinner, smoother formula “dried out” faster on my lips and wasn’t the most flattering formula to use when you have imperfections, flakes, or dryness (also slightly). They lasted anywhere from two to three hours, with deeper colors lasting longer and not feeling drying.

In general, I think they are a better cream blush formula than a lip product, which goes without saying with these multitasking blush and lip products. For those who want to wear them primarily as a baking product, mentally step up the ratings a little!

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Caprylic / capric triglyceride, cetearyl alcohol, candelilla wax, synthetic Cera Elba (synthetic beeswax), silica, Vitis Vinifera (grapeseed oil), Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil), Punica Granatum (pomegranate kernel oil), Carthamus Barius (safflower seed oil) oil, Carthamus Barius (safflower seed oil) Aloe extract), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), phenoxyethanol. May contain: Mica, iron oxide (CI 77491, 77492, 77499), titanium dioxide (CI77891), red 40 (CI 16035), red 33 (CI 17200), yellow 5 (CI 19140), blue 1 (CI 42090), red 27 (CI45410)

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