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It’s been a strange year for personal style. Sweatpants were in there – unless you chose to only wear hard clothing. Red carpets have largely been shut down – but even celebrities have to get dressed to go shopping. And so in a year that seemed certain without the big seizures we know, love, and breathlessly catalog, there were still plenty of serious outfits going around.

For a few months, the focus was on film premieres and after parties. They’ve been to fashion week events and on late night couches. And then they went into lockdown. The big seizures were at home. You were on Instagram. They peered through a laptop camera into a zoom call. Soon the big fits were in Orlando, inside the NBA bubble. Or in the tunnel before an NFL game. They were in Erewhon delivering food to the needy. They adapted. It turned out that the big seizures were everywhere. You just had to know where to look.

And so, towards the end of the year, we ask you to help us pick the most stylish man of the year in a contest that runs all week on GQ’s Instagram. The field is deep, a concentrated group of 16 of the world’s most elite celebrity dressers. Some rely on tailoring, others on streetwear, and a few rely on a clever union of the two. What connects them is the obligation to get dressed, even if dressing is no longer a requirement. May the greatest fit win.

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Lebron James

Moving to Florida makes fun things personal style. So it would have been perfectly understandable if LeBron James had started wearing sarongs and flip flops after moving to the NBA bubble in Orlando this summer. But the King is King for a reason, and LBJ used his time at Disney World to test out some new style concepts: matching sets, fully unbuttoned shirts, and even a little Grateful Dead merch. Many of us turned to soft clothes during these long, domestic pandemic months. LeBron did too – but he reminded us that wearing doesn’t have to mean giving up.




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