Prada-Adidas Luna Rossa: Prada and Adidas’s Newest Hit Is Right here


The Prada-Adidas collaboration is one of those pairings that lingered so far under our noses that we were almost surprised – and then realized the match was pretty much perfect. The sneaker partnership of the year began with a version of the legendary Adidas Superstar produced by Prada, first in classic white, then in black and silver. The superstar was an obvious choice to fuel the mega-collaboration between the two brands: a popular sneaker that grew in popularity in the 1980s and has stayed there ever since, enhanced with reputable Prada craftsmanship. Now the duo has reinterpreted Prada’s classic America’s Cup sneakers and been inspired by the AC75 Luna Rossa boot. The whole thing is completely reinterpreted with design motifs and production technology from the three stripes.

Courtesy Adidas for Prada

The end result is a lightweight and flexible sneaker with an upper made of Primegreen, a high-performance Adidas material that is made from 100 percent recycled polyester and does not contain any new material. (It is helpful that it provides breathable support and at the same time prevents water from entering the silhouette.) The ergonomically shaped shoe sits on a perforated Adidas Boost midsole, which offers durability and freedom of movement in equal measure. In essence, the Three Stripes and Prada created a sneaker with all the sporty, high-end flair a world-class sailor (or hypebeast) could hope for. Not to mention the various shades of white and recycled materials that result in a sneaker that practically looks like it’s glowing.

Courtesy Adidas for Prada

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Although the source material does not have the same name recognition as the Adidas Superstar, it is still a smart move by the duo. Searching the archives for something that is full of luscious 90s vibe and reworking it with modern materials and production techniques is always a smart way to produce a hit sneaker in 2020. Given the excitement surrounding every Adidas x Prada sneaker that has dropped so far, this one is set to be yet another hit in the evolution of a powerhouse partnership.

Prada A + P Luna Rossa 21 sneakers




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