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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had one of the most famous marriages in the mid-1990s. Take a look back at their relationship with this timeline.

Mid 90s Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson were two of the most famous stars in Hollywood. 58-year-old Tommy is a founding member of the rock band Mötley Crüe, and 53-year-old Pamela became a real star thanks to Baywatch. Now is a crucial time in the former couple’s relationship on the small screen. Lily James will play with as the blonde bombshell Sebastian Stan plays Tommy Lee on the Hulu series Pam & Tommy and follows the stars’ legal battle over a leaked video showing the couple being intimate. Before the series begins, here’s a refresher on the couple’s relationship.

A whirlwind wedding

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee married after only being together for four days [AP Images].After his divorce from the actress Heather Locklear In 1993, Tommy met Pamela at a New Year’s Eve party in 1994. Although the two were friendly, they weren’t immediately romantic with each other. But their relationship changed completely after their first date, which eventually took the couple to Cancun, where they were married on the beach 96 hours later. The couple exchanged vows on February 19, 1995.

Your public litigation

The couple’s intimate honeymoon tape was stolen just months after they got married [AP Images].Just months after their marriage, Pam and Tommy found themselves in a legal battle that would devour their relationship completely. A private video of the intimate couple was stolen by the couple’s former electrician. Rand Gauthierand finally circulating with profit. Tommy and Pam have taken action by filing a $ 10 million lawsuit to prevent anyone from making any profit on the sensitive, private video.

In 1997, about two years after the video’s content hit tabloids and more, a judge filed an injunction. Pam and Tommy were able to keep ownership and sign the copyright on the video. They later signed it in November 1997 Seth Warshavsky, the founder of Club Love, to legally sell copies of their video.

However, Tommy and Pam tried to sue Warshavsky for allegedly getting them to sign the video. Pam and Tommy felt the video would be made available for a one-time webcast. Club Love finally worked.

Your first son

Pamela and Tommy welcomed their son Brandon in 1996 [AP Images].Despite the legal issues they were grappling with at the very beginning of their marriage, Pamela and Tommy still started their family. On June 5, 1996, the couple welcomed their son Brandon. After Brandon was born, the stress of media coverage and their ongoing litigation began to hit the couple. Their relationship was often heated due to everything that was going on in their very public life. But after greeting Brandon, the two seemed to maintain their relationship with another family member.

A family of four

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee welcomed their second son, Dylan, in 1997 and made them a family of four [AP Images].On December 29, 1997, Tommy and Pamela welcomed their second child, a son name Dylan. Unfortunately, this came at a time when Tommy and Pamela’s relationship was really being tested and subsequently stalled. The circumstances escalated into physical confrontations at times. That dark chapter in the couple’s relationship ended up being the end of their union.

End of marriage & divorce

The physical clashes between the couple escalated at the end of their marriage [AP Images].The cases of physical altercations between Pamela and Tommy, recorded in the Mötley Crüe memoir, The Dirt, became increasingly violent. At one point an argument between Tommy and Pamela became so volatile that their children, who were just toddlers, were disturbed by what they had seen. This eventually led Pamela to decide to file for divorce.

By May 1998, Tommy was sentenced to six months in Los Angeles County prison for spousal battery crimes after raising no objections. It was also stipulated that Tommy would have to undergo counseling, do 200 hours of community service, and pay $ 6,200 to an abused women’s shelter. If he breaks his parole, Tommy could sit in prison for three years, according to the Los Angeles Times.

At this point, Tommy and Pamela were completely over. After Tommy finished his time and got the advice he needed, the two of them returned to focus on their children. They were active in both their sons’ lives, leading many to believe that the two had the potential to eventually reconcile and get back together.

Relationship after divorce

Rumors swirled that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee might make up early in the morning [AP Images].In the years following their divorce, the ex-couple apparently fueled rumors that they would revive their romance. In 1999 Pamela even said that she and Tommy introduced herself “old, toothless, somewhere on a bench with our tattoos”. However, the idea was apparently dropped from their future plans by 2000 when Tommy and Pamela got into an intense custody battle over their sons.

Although fans felt that Tommy and Pamela would eventually resolve their relationship problems and get back together, it never came to fruition. Both Tommy and Pamela have married a couple of times since they split up.




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