The 20 Greatest Animated Motion pictures of 2020


This article is part of our 2020 return. Follow us as we discover the best and most interesting movies, shows, performances, and more that have been released in this very strange year. In this post, we examine the best animated films of 2020.

As we look back at our 2020 preview, we entered the year the same way we entered every year: filled with tremendous excitement and excitement for what lies ahead. Twelve months later, a lot has gone down, and we haven’t received every movie we longed for.

While we didn’t get Raya and the Last Dragon or Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0, most of the other animated films we longed for found some form of release despite theater issues. Even better, a lot of the movies we really wanted to see turned out to be real blasts and made their way into the list below.

The selection wasn’t as slim as you might think, and some of the best films of the year came from unexpected angles. Short form animations continue to prove to be a scene for experiments and innovations. Some of the best works of 2020 do not even crack an hour. You don’t even take a ten minute break.

Get animated as you explore this list of the best cartoons of 2020.

20. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

The second cinematic brawl that emerges from the anime series My Hero Academia is more of the same. If you dig the same, your taste buds will be rewarded. UA High’s Class 1-A is relocated to a remote island and is the last line of defense against Izuku Midoriya, the owner of One for All. Together they scream and smash each other and ignite, wave after wave, kinetic, feverish animations. The energy given off by the screen consumes everything. Take a bath or drown.

19. Alien Xmas

Alien Xmas Animated Films 2020

Alien Xmas comes from Chiodo Brothers Productions, the same maniacs who brought killer klowns from space and the would-be Rankin / bass stop-motion segments of Elf to life. It tells the story of X, the smallest member of an alien race who has a desire to collect trinkets. X is charged with invading Earth and travels to the corner of the planet that appears to have the most toys to loot: the North Pole. As he takes, he learns the value of giving.

18. We Bare Bears: The Movie

We bare the film

San Francisco is fed up. The three bear brothers (grizz, panda, and polar bear) cause one too many random disaster, and an angry mob forms to evict them from their community. The brothers flee to Canada and evade attacks by a vicious wildlife agent.

We Bare Bears: The film reproduces the tone and humor of the Cartoon Network series and simply extends it. Does it feel cinematic? No. That’s fine. More is better when it comes to those clumsy, lovable madmen.

17. Over the moon

Over The Moon Netflix Animated Movies 2020

Over the Moon wants to be part of the Disney renaissance. They hired an old school Disney animator (Glen Keane) to lead the project. They’ve crammed it with poppy songs and crammed an abundance of cute pals to help their hero achieve their heartfelt goal. You get the feeling that an algorithm is in play, but dammit, the film is charming with its approximation.

16. One whisker gone

One whisker gone

A Whisker Away is the stupidest track. Ignore it. Let’s imagine that Netflix uploaded the anime under its original name, literally translated as “I want to cry, I pretend to be a cat”. Ah, that’s better. You are curious now, right?

Miyo (Cherami Leigh) is an unhappy middle school girl. She loves her classmate Kento (Johnny Yong Bosch), but he won’t give her the time of day. When a mysterious stranger gives her a kitten mask, she turns into a cat. In this form she gains unprecedented access to Kento and discovers the torments of his everyday life.

A Whisker Away is a sad exploration of youthful hell. Every pubescent pain, whether wrapped in magic or worldliness, is deeply felt. You will wind your way through your watch, but triumph comes through survival.

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