Tyrese Mocked For Sleeping In 90 Diploma Warmth & Declare It Stored Him COVID Free – .


Tyrese likes it hot when he’s in bed. He’s just revealed that his thermostat is staying at a steamy 90 degrees to sleep at night. Now it’s getting toasted by fans after claiming it warded off COVID.

Tyrese Gibson shared some pretty surprising personal information with fans by sleeping with the heat that radiates at 90 degrees every night and has been doing so for years. In an Instagram post on December 15, the 41-year-old shared a photo of himself looking out of an airplane window while wearing a brightly colored paisley scarf as a face mask. Then he wrote: “Coincidentally, what I think of on flights …” where he stated that he believed he could fight off the coronavirus because he slept in such high heat.

Actor-singer Tyrese is mercilessly ridiculed for admitting to sleep in 90-degree heat, believing that is why he did not sign COVID-19. Image credit: AP.

“One of my secrets to staying COVID-free is that I sleep every night with the heat at 90 degrees … I’ve slept at this temperature for 15 years so it’s nothing new … But … .. rumored to be if you Catch Covid, don’t do it Don’t survive warm temperatures… ”he wrote in the headline. That gave fans a great case of “WTH?” Many claim he fries his brain because his internal temperature has to be so high every night. Soon, Tire’s name was trending because of its overheated sleeping habits.

Tire’s brain as he began to sleep in the 90 degree heat. pic.twitter.com/kfsIAGg3Jp

– William Ortiz (@illwilllllll) December 15, 2020

User @marlonozier wrote: “Every Tyresepost makes sense now that I know that it intentionally sleeps at 90 degrees. 15 years of that no less. that n *** a brain is like a warm cobbler “while @deezalladat added,” Though I am worried about Tyrese, it is NUTS to sleep at 90 degrees !! N *** a lives in LA and I can’t understand that. “@DecaturDane remarked,” Imagine going to Tyrese and feeling like a pizza oven. “

he who sleeps at 90 degrees for 15 years explains so much https://t.co/Ti2tpx1SF9

– yy | (old acc @pinkcedes) (@flfryou) December 15, 2020

If you walk into Tyrese House right away, pic.twitter.com/n1bO0oV0a9

– Great value Kawhi Leonard (@BlackJudoka_) December 15, 2020

Other fans have beaten Tyrese for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. User @ ISLANDCHULA28 tweeted: “Tyrese really needs to learn how to stfu …. Sleeping in 90 degree heat doesn’t protect you from COVID … just ask the surviving relatives of those who died on days over 90 degrees in the summer …. #Tyrese. “@ tierra549 added,” Tyrese really just said that Covid won’t survive warm temperatures that people in California and Florida don’t. “

Some fans were worried about Tyrese, and user @ Desh3hunna tweeted, “Tyrese is going through something. I send prayers for him, “while @ BabaTheGreat2 added,” All jokes except someone have to go to Tyrese. I hope he is good. “Fan @agstruthpodcast commented,” Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Tyrese has made comments that seem to be scattered. For all jokes, we have to keep him in prayer. “@Callmedollar begged,” Anyone with the heat at 90 Grad is sleeping, doing bad, and eating batteries. Somebody check Tyrese asap! “

Fortunately, despite the concern that Tirees’s post raised, the actor’s career is going well. The Fate of the Furious star is currently shooting the action thriller Dangerous, has completed one film F9 and two more in post-production and is preparing a Teddy Pendergrass biopic with the writer / director about the R&B legend Lee Daniels. He shared a photo of the two men discussing the project in his IG follow-up post on his overshar about sleeping in 90-degree heat.




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