Blondey McCoy Reveals the Secret to His Success


All in all, Blondey McCoy had 12 sweet months. He’s a new dad, he relaunched his freaky preppy clothing brand Thames last winter and made one of the craziest and coolest shoes in the world, a clear Adidas superstar. (All the better to see his legendary sock game, dear!)

Now McCoy is back with another Adidas Superstar – this one in adorable baby blue with spicy red laces and black accents. But instead of putting it online like a normie, he is giving away all the pairs on the Thames website. “I just don’t want people who really want them to have to pay a high price for them because a robot hit them at the checkout,” he told GQ via email. Very paternal of him! After looking longingly at the shoes, we spoke to McCoy about what socks he would pair with these bad guys, the joys of fatherhood, and his upcoming plans for the Thames label. But don’t linger too long – the raffle ends on Friday at midnight, London time.

First of all, congratulations on your baby !!! How does fatherhood treat you? Did you become a fatherly designer? (Did you wear your Thames Daddy pin every day?)

Thank you! I’ve never had a better reason to come home than wandering the streets at night. I sleep a lot more now that I’m a parent, which some find hard to believe. The ‘ONLY HUMAN’ sign is my favorite this week, but it wears its ‘MILK MONITOR’ all the time.

Courtesy of Blondey x Adidas for Thames

Why did you choose a raffle? How limited do we talk?

Limited enough to earn a raffle. I just don’t want people who really want them to have to pay an inflated price for them because a robot hit them at the checkout. It seems a little ridiculous to me that this is a problem that I needed to find a solution to, but it is.

This is a wild, frosty color – and the red shoelaces are insane. Tell me about his iteration.

Well, when the clear ones and the black rubbery ones went away and I was still inundated with messages from people who wanted them, I asked Adidas if we could make another one. There really isn’t a more interesting reason why I picked one colorful one than they said I could do two. The classic black and white color scheme will appear in January. I’m sorry, there isn’t a more interesting answer!




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