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Masks are a must have this holiday season! Before the Christmas festivities start, get inspiration for holiday-themed face masks from your favorite celebs!

We might as well be honest, this holiday season will be very different. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, family gatherings for Christmas and New Year’s Eve will be smaller and more socially distant than ever. Plus, face masks are definitely a must-have for partying with the family. But there is still a lot of holiday joy! That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best vacation-themed face masks worn by celebrities that will be the perfect inspiration for you and your friends this season!

Dakota and Elle Fanning wear red and pink face masks while out and about in Los Angeles [BACKGRID].If you want to coordinate yourself for the holidays, you’ve come to the right place with famous sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning! The talented and stylish actresses were out and about in Los Angeles, wearing red and pink face masks as they grabbed a frozen treat. Dakota’s bold red face mask made her very special, and Elle’s delicate pink was the perfect look for all of the pastel shades used for the holidays!

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez wears a glittering rose gold face mask in New York [SplashNews].Of course, the holidays are not just about Christmas – we also have New Year’s Eve and days to think about! New Years Eve is the perfect time to break out the glitter and glamor Jennifer Lopez. The always-fashionable singer wore a beautiful rose gold face mask while out in cool New York. J. Lo’s face mask sparkled like that lovely fresh layer of snow on Christmas morning or even like the legendary New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square that falls at midnight. Who wouldn’t want to sparkle like J. Lo for the vacation?

Selena GomezSelena Gomez weighs a green face mask while walking in New York [SplashNews].After all, some classic colors never go out of style. Selena Gomez proved she wore a green face mask in New York City. The singer and actress was bundled up while filming her latest film and took to the streets in style wearing her vacation-themed face mask. It’s a bold color choice, but if Selena can do it, so can you!

While the holidays will definitely be different this year, that shouldn’t mean they should be any less fun and festive. Get in the holiday mood by checking out even more face masks worn by the stars by scrolling through the images in the gallery above! These masks provide fans and loved ones with the perfect vacation inspiration to decorate the halls while putting on their face masks.




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