Three Kettlebell Fats Loss Exercises


A study conducted by the American Council of Exercise concluded that kettlebell swings have the potential to burn up to 20 calories per minute. Considering that it’s an easy exercise, it’s absolutely awesome.

On the other hand, the same study concluded that a spin class can only help you burn a little less than 10 calories per minute, which is less than half the number of kettlebell swings you burn. With this huge difference in calories burned, it’s no surprise that kettlebell swings have gained tremendous popularity in recent years with both recreational and professional lifters.

Not only do kettlebell swings burn lots of calories and fat tissue, they also work almost every muscle in your body, which is basically the main requirement of any fat burning program to get results.

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There is a massive variety of kettlebell exercises to choose from that are great for developing literally hundreds of different workout routines that can help you burn extra fat, build lean muscle tissue, and improve your metabolism significantly.

Next, let’s look at a list of the benefits you’ll see of doing kettlebell swings several times a week:

1. You burn a lot of fat, which is evident from the above study, which means that you can burn up to 20 calories per minute.

2. It offers an ideal combination of strength and cardio training.

3. It boosts your metabolism for several hours after you stop exercising, resulting in increased fat and calorie burning.

4. Your workouts will be short. You will find that 5 to 10 minutes is enough to get the full benefits of kettlebell swings.

5. They are easy to learn and do, and can be performed by people of different fitness levels.

6. It is easy on your body and joints.

7. You don’t need to have a gym membership. You can do them outdoors in your garage wherever you want.

8. It will help you develop enormous functional and core strengths.

9. You can design your own exercise routines and vary them frequently.

10. Finally, it’s fun.

The list can go on, but the most important point to note is that kettlebell swing workouts are the greatest in terms of fat loss. Without sprinting, kettlebell swings are the next best thing to get rid of that extra fat and get lean and athletic as quickly as possible.

As mentioned before, there are tons of training options to choose from. You can also include some bodyweight exercises in your workout routine to complement the kettlebell movements.

The training routines are almost unlimited. Below are three kettlebell swing workouts that can help you shed the fat, strengthen your core muscles, and keep your metabolism going for hours.

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Kettlebell Workout # 1 (12-Minute Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout)

Turkish stand up: 5 repetitions on each side

When you’ve finished the 5 reps on either side, start the circuit described below without resting:

The racetrack:

1. One-armed kettlebell swings: 10 with each arm
2. Kettlebell Thrusters: 5 on each side
3. One-armed kettlebell swings: 10 with each arm
4. Kettlebell Windmill: 5 repetitions on each side
5. One-armed kettlebell swings: 10 with each arm
6. Tactical lunges: 20 repetitions in total
7. One-armed kettlebell swings: 10 with each arm

Kettlebell workout # 2

Make a hundred kettlebell swings, only pausing when you feel like your form is going sloppy. Choose a weight that allows you to do twenty swings at a time.

Kettlebell workout # 3

You will use the following exercises: tactical lunges, Turkish stand up, swings to wide leg pushups, high pulls, and cup squats

The racetrack:

Tactical lunges – 45 seconds followed by a 20 second break
Turkish get up – 45 seconds followed by a 20 second break
Swings to push-ups with a wide leg – 45 seconds followed by a 20 second rest
High tensile forces – 45 seconds followed by a 20 second rest
Mug squats – 45 seconds followed by a 20 second break

Make each movement for forty-five seconds, then rest for twenty seconds and move on to the next movement. Do two to five laps, depending on how fit you are.

Simple and effective, three Kettlebell workouts designed to eliminate the fat. For better results, you can slowly add two to three kettlebell workouts a week.




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